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Do you think a lot? Ever feel like your trapped in your own mind and way of thinking?

I think a lot, but I don't feel trapped.

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When's the next blog post going up?

Probably today!
You can read this while you wait:

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Who or what inspires you the most in your photography?

Becki and David's Collaborative Photography.
It was those two who inspired me to get back into photography. They took such good photos!
Everything I do is basically copied from them.

Originally my brother James introduced me to photography, but I never took it very serious and I sort of stopped after I got super into music. Now they work very nicely together!

Becki and David are genius:

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Questions slowing down a bit?

Thankfully! I am a bit sick of

Will be deleting soon.

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Just because Johnny Depp makes it work, doesn't mean you would. O.o

Nah I would. I am incredible.

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lex and clark or oliver and clark? that is the question...

Once again. Smallville?

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Lana or Lois?

I kinda assumed you were talking about Lana Del Rey. I had to google it.
Who in the world watches Smallville?

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But Dan, you promised ME your babies!

Hhahaha, you can all share!

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Would you rather forever have a permanent Willy Wonka hair cut, or only be able to wear Justin Beibers clothing. I'm talking Beibers face on your shirt for life ♥ ♥

You're cute. <3

I'd go with Willy Wonka haircut. Johnny Depp makes it work, and I like the tophat too.

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What would you say to someone that has problems with self harm and self hate

At first I wouldn't say anything, I would probably cry, then hug them, then I would beg them to swim:

And I would tell them to talk to someone they trust, and tell them about the situation. I would tell them they have to find help. Find hope. And then find freedom.

"You gotta swim
Through nights that won't end
Swim for your family, your lovers
Your sisters and brothers and friends"

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I love how you are such an influence in the lives of people you know.

xoxoxoxox Thank you.

I don't feel like a super good influence sometimes.

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I think your opinion on having a big ego is wrong. I think you can be happy with who you are and hav good self esteem, without having a large ego. There's this thing called humility. It doesn't mean thinking little of yourself, or to highly of yourself.

:D I like strong opinions!

We should have a big argument about this sometime! :)
There is a really big grey area around being humble and simply not believing in yourself.
Do you think I am bit too egotistical?

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You inspire me :)

Thaaaank you!

I don't really feel that inspiring, but thank you. What do you find inspiring about me?

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anyone told you stuff to your face yet?

Yeah! It was awesome.

Totally helped my experiment.

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Opinion on self harm?

It is the most horrifying thing I have come across in my life.
Whenever anyone talks about it I shiver and feel sick. I feeling like crying when I see scars laying down a friends arm. Sitting there like some grid or chart measuring how awful they feel about themselves.

It is absolutely heartbreaking. And you should never even consider getting into it.

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Your hot. Can I have your babies?

Yes! You may have all of my babies.

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Do you want to have children?

To be honest? No, not really. I do love kids, but it takes up your entire life...

Maybe I will grow out that mindset though.

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What is happening on Wednesday the 15th?

Kirsty C's birthday?

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Do you like cheese?

Yeeeaaaah boi!

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I don't know if I should tell you tho. There's a massive age gap.

You are welcome to talk to me about it, you might like to talk through it. People often like processing things by talking. I'm not going to hate you or anything.

But there is not really any chance that I would even consider anything with an age gap. Sorry.

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What's been your greatest discovery on the web?

I am tempted to say Josiah Leming. I literally found his music by accident, while reading an article about American Idol failures. It had a video of him playing his song "Come On Kid" at some school somewhere, and I was blown away. He has killer songwriting skills, and I adore his vocals.

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I just realised you can ask yourself anonymous questions!

Good going Dan. Good going.

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Biggest age gap you'd have while dating? How young is too young?

Depends how old you are, aye.
As an 18 year old, I would never go more than one year either direction.
So I would consider dating a 17 or 19. But not a 16 or 20.

Probably wouldn't even be keen on an entire year at this stage. I'm pretty ageist.

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Dan, I promise Im not the chick from before, but I really like you. A lot.

Really! That is great news random anonymous person.
Why don't you talk to me about in real life. I will do something for you in return. Like write you a letter (possibly a digital letter) or buy you a little teddy bear. That the sort of cute thing people are supposed to do right?

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Dan, you have one of these? Haha, ok.

It is a social experiment! Don't judge!

Read all about it:

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About Daniel SomethingstartingwithB:

My name is Daniel. I seek truth and aspire to blindness. I am fascinated by as an internet phenomenon. I think I hate it deeply. But this is my social experiment to try to understand it better. I guess you all ask stuff now? Here is my blog on this experiment: