Ask @sofia4679:

you took a picture of me at a show that i absolutely love and i want to blow it up and print it on a canvas so i can hang it in my room. do you have any tips for making sure the quality is good?

Well if you DM or text me I can give you the picture in the best quality possible and without my watermark. I've never printed a photo before but I know it would help to have a photo with the best quality. Just lmk :)

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how do u get your pictures so nice? Whenever i try to take pictures either the framing of the picture isn't quite right cuz like idk where to point the camera, or the pictures are blurry. Help!

I shoot in manual so I can control everything. Also make sure your camera is in autofocus Bc sometimes you think it is but it's actuallly in manual. Also looking up YouTube videos on how to use your camera are really helpful

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