Ask @sohammodi:

Tbh// Hii sohi i know you since 8th std still tu namunoj rahyo 😂😂 i still wonder how fatty soham eating burger will look 🍔 and i so wanted to a take a ss of i look hot and girls be like 🙊😍 valo pic 😂😂exact looking like monkey 😜 i bet atlu saru tbh tane koi nai ape 😏

Hii k(Heer) 😆I also know u since 8 but it wasn't possible for me to Change you into a human🙊😂 but ur dreams are very high I think I won't be able to satisfy them😆 the best scenes were in dholu😅😝 and I totally agree that noone has given a better caption then this😍😂

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