Ask @Solaadio:

1) I'm in interested in a man who claims to be interested in me and wants a future with me. We're forming a great friendship but I fear he's still interested in his ex. He gets emotionally affected by her from time to time and it's evident. What do I do?

You need to get him to read my stuff on www.BreakingSoulTies.Com there's a post titled breaking #SoulTies with an ex. Any problems, pop into my DM

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Churches discriminate against polygamists. refuse them holy communion, burial and other priviledges. but the polygamist's money is collected in the offering box. is this right?

I can't judge the pastors or the churches. I don't pastor a church. It could be that they want to pass the message across that they don't condone polygamy. Anyway, aggrieved folks shouldn't drop their money in any offering box

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Is it right for a Christian woman to intentionally go to places to increase her chances of meeting a potential suitor. I keep thinking about the scripture that says Faith without works is dead.

The scripture you use there is usually put forward erroneously by those who want to resort to their own efforts. Abraham and Sarah resorted to their own efforts but produced Ishmael who wasn't the will of God. The works referred to in that scripture are not our human tricks and devices but God's direction. Where God leads you to will be different from where God leads me. Me copying your leading and using that scripture as excuse is FLESH and would only produce me an Ishmael.

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