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No I don't want to follow you on twitter,do you know anyone that can help someone going through depression?

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is it okay for a guy to split the bill with a lady on a first date ?

Ideally you should pay if you invited her out. If she offers to split the bill with you, then fine.

My friend said that Muslims and Christians share the same God.... my spirit was soo not okay with this statement.. what do you think?

John 14:6
Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

2) reading your delilah tweets really struck a nerve with me because i am fearful that i carry that spirit. i havent derailed men, im only young, but i feel like there is a pattern of men that approach me that is starting to weigh me down

Naaaa! Wrong men approaching you doesn't imply that you are a Delilah. No.

You speak confidently as an authority of marital and premarital issues. Good. And a Boaz that eventually becomes a Bozo in marriage?

Hmmm! That's the wrong way round. A Boaz shouldn't be transforming into a Bozo.

Okay. You were once a Bozo? that helps.

Yes. I was once a Bozo. So there's hope for you too. ???

4) so my question is ... what is it that i am doing wrong? im a plain dresser , dont go off on tangents about my sexual desires, even if im open about my religious standpoints im faced with the same thing

I don't think you are doing anything wrong.

Hello , you asked me yesterday to dm or bbm you, i would feel most comfortable contacting you via email if that is possible


1) I'm in interested in a man who claims to be interested in me and wants a future with me. We're forming a great friendship but I fear he's still interested in his ex. He gets emotionally affected by her from time to time and it's evident. What do I do?

You need to get him to read my stuff on www.BreakingSoulTies.Com there's a post titled breaking #SoulTies with an ex. Any problems, pop into my DM

1) Hi , firstly id like to thank you for heeding to Gods instructions and bringing the topic of soul ties to the youth and even married couples of today its a ministry im very passionate about due to how shallow studies ,sermons and literature is surrounding it

Please jump into my DM and let's treat this by BBM or WhatsApp.

Churches discriminate against polygamists. refuse them holy communion, burial and other priviledges. but the polygamist's money is collected in the offering box. is this right?

I can't judge the pastors or the churches. I don't pastor a church. It could be that they want to pass the message across that they don't condone polygamy. Anyway, aggrieved folks shouldn't drop their money in any offering box

Thank yoy for letting me know polygamists wont go to hell. I have learnt what i want to learn.

U welcome

Will all polygamists go to hell?

Going to heaven or hell is not predicated on monogamy or polygamy. They are different subjects.

What's your take on polygamy?

Polygamy against New Testament Christianity. CHRIST has only one church. Christian marriage is supposed to be a mirror image of the relationship of Jesus Christ and His Church.

How long should courtship last normally?

No hard and fast rule. No matter how long a courtship is you can't know all of a person. However, red lights may show up strong enough to stop the marriage from happening during courtship. I recommend minimum 6 months. That would allow enough time to plan a wedding at least.

why do people come out for altar call every sunday but yet no matter how genuine their intentions to repent are, they still fall off n come out another sunday? why is it so difficult?

That's a whole sermon. I might record an audio for this

Is it right for a Christian woman to intentionally go to places to increase her chances of meeting a potential suitor. I keep thinking about the scripture that says Faith without works is dead.

The scripture you use there is usually put forward erroneously by those who want to resort to their own efforts. Abraham and Sarah resorted to their own efforts but produced Ishmael who wasn't the will of God. The works referred to in that scripture are not our human tricks and devices but God's direction. Where God leads you to will be different from where God leads me. Me copying your leading and using that scripture as excuse is FLESH and would only produce me an Ishmael.


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