[Self-asking to remove a spoiler plopped in the middle of anon's original question...] If Citrus and NTR turn out to be bad (which is highly possible), would you be willing to buy them just to support the yuri scene? NTR is a terrible pick, but is it worth it to support the yuri scene?

It depends entirely on what turns out to be bad about them, no?
If they turn out bad in the sense of being technically poor productions or not especially engaging yet inoffensive stories, then yes I would probably import them anyway out of a sense of moral obligation and hope for better things in the future.
If they turn out bad because they're just outright offensive and disrespect their characters and their feelings, then no I would not import them. Something that feels genuinely harmful to the depiction of yuri in anime would be unacceptable.
But that's the eternally frustrating dilemma of the consumer. The act of buying or not buying a product is a purely binary action. There is no nuance, no explanation, just a yes or no vote that shows up as a revenue figure in some manager's spreadsheet. By contrast, the *decision* about whether to buy can be a nuanced weighing of many different factors. So yes, if a yuri show fails, it's entirely possible the committee will just say "Okay, nobody wants any yuri at all" instead of "Okay, this was a bad pick, let's choose better next time".
(Granted, they'd pretty much be spot on with the first one anyway. Very few people actually *do* want yuri. And the few that do want different things, so you can only capture a small portion of an already extremely small audience with any given show. Sigh.)