Ask @someponyelse:

What do you think of makeup?

Makeup is an extremely powerful things that a lot of people don't realize its effects. I find daily make-up that many people wear to be somewhat untruthful to who they are, even though I do enjoy it a lot.
Now before you say "Oh, you honestly though I had gold eyelids?" put away your sarcasm and think for a minute. People are influenced by color. This is why, usually, blue is a calming color, orange is an energizing color, and gray days leave people gloomy and sad. That's just one way people are influenced by color.
We also, in my experience, tend to pick out highlighted colors if there's one that sticks out. For example, if you have a blankets that has a bunch of different colors on it, and you put a border on it, depending on which color, people will starts to identify it by the color of the border. The whole blankets will assume that color as the main color and the rest of them as small details or accents. Now, apply this to people. When someone puts makeup on, others will instantly tell if that color goes well with them or not We have natural pigments in our skin, and different makeup colors accent those pigments. They even go with the colors in our eyes. So if a girl is wearing gold glitter eye makeup, she's accenting the yellows in her face that will make her look more radiant, energetic, and bold.
Also, makeup can really change a person's look. I saw a girl post putting her makeup on for a character in stages, and the application of contouring EXTREMELY changed the look of her face to almost someone completely different. Eye makeup can really change the shape and effect of someone's eyes. Take for example someone I admire to the moon and back: VampyBitMe. If you see her with and without eye makeup she's practically a whole different person. Eyebrows are another thing. The in thing right now is to have bold drawn-in eyebrows that are sharp with a wave to them. RARELY to people actually have this shape, and even then it takes some plucking to achieve it. So girls take pencils and draw in the shape they want. The effect is a much stronger, more expressive look than what the face usually looks like.
Makeup has a LOT of power. It can take away or minimize some unwanted blemishes, or make someone look completely different. Next time someone says something snarky like "You thought this was a natural color?" Oh please. You accenting how you look in different ways to give yourself a different appearance. No one thinks that's what you really look like, but you're hiding your natural appearance for something you feel is more attractive. You're wearing a mask, and that's not what you look like, so it's untruthful. I will split hairs and say it's not a lie though, because maybe that's how you identify. Just hope we don't have something that blasts us back into living in caves, because you might have an identity crisis. I doubt we will so you should be good.

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