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What color do you wear most frequently?

Black and blue. Not because I'm being abused, but because I have a lot of black T-shirts and jeans. Also, my apron for my day job is blue, and of course I'm there five days a week.

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Who is your favorite Star Wars character?

I'm a Trekkie, actually!

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Which movie do you think is overrated?

My Neighbor Totoro. It's very pretty, but nothing really happens the entire time, and I just found it boring. So of course it got most of the merchandise. -_-

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Are you stylish?

Ahahahaha NOPE.

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Do you remember your dreams?

Sometimes. I take medication that gives me nightmares, so they're interesting at times.

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What was the last YouTube video you saw?

Apparently it is the audio for Elle King's "Ex's and Oh's", which is stupid and stuck in my head.

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Do you watch cartoons? :)

Naomi Z
(yay first question)
Not as much anymore, since I don't have cable, but back in the day I was a Cartoon Network kid. My favorite is Teen Titans; I had a fairly huge obsession with it in middle school/early high school, and it's recently made something of a comeback with me. I even have an awesome Teen Titans shirt. :) I wore it to A-Kon this year and I get compliments on it pretty much every time I wear it.

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