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What's your experience when it comes to moving? I learnt yesterday that I'll be gaining access to my new place in two weeks time! 🏡📦

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Congratulation to you and happy moving!
My experience is such that all friends that I left behind, eventually stopped talking to me. I learned that it's ok and is just a part of life. I'm thankful for those people that were with me before I moved to my current place, and I'm grateful for the new people that I spend my time with lately.
Whats your experience when it comes to moving I learnt yesterday that Ill be

Have you ever felt like that being a nice and decent person doesn't work in real life and it makes you look weak?

karimbasimi’s Profile PhotoKarim
Always felt this way, but it doesn't mean people like that have to become someone they are not and play "tough guys." It's important not to let other people use your kindness and say "no" when you feel uncomfortable agreeing or doing something but staying nice and decent is a good quality.

Do you like to ask or answer questions

I like to ask questions when it’s something that I really want to ask. When I tried to join ASKfm premium program, or something like that, everyone was required to ask some amount of questions every week. To meet the deadline, I had to create very simple and not interesting questions all the time. That’s what I don’t like.
Since I rarely have a good question to ask, I usually prefer answering them

Why is it happening? Why are people doing it first they are really wanting to be with you and when you're with them they ignore you Is this why they kept on asking you to be theirs😇 Why is it most difficult to unlove somebody you started to love and get attached to😇

mahrukh_zaka’s Profile PhotoMahrukh zaka
That’s the question I keep asking lately… Those people have to stay consistent with their wants or at least let you know if their feelings have changed and they are not attracted to you (or any other reason) anymore.
I also hate when people initiate talking and getting to know each other more and then just start ignoring once you get comfortable with them 👿

Are you afraid of the doctor

Depends on the doctor 😁
I feel like they should try to be honest with patients more. Not that most of them lie, but some doctors don’t tell everything or explain certain things.
Today, my dentist told me that I’ll have to remove my wisdom teeth, even though it doesn’t bother me at all. I just don’t want to do what is unnecessary, or if it is necessary, it’s better for them to explain the reason for me 🤷🏻‍♀️🥲

Do you like country music? If no, what kind of music are you more interested in listening to?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
Unfortunately, no. To me, country music is associated with two people I used to talk with, but not anymore. I wasn't a big fan of that genre before, but now even more so because of this association in my head.
I used to listen to Rock music only, but for the past couple of years, my top 2 favorite genres are K-Pop and Metal. I listen to many different genres though, but these two are my top favorite!
What's your favorite kind of music?
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