Ask @sophiathelast711:

??What would you say to your young self and why?

try to come outta ur shell a bit, train urself to stop caring ab how other ppl perceive u, learn to speak ur mind, open up to how u feel, n quit observing other ppls happiness from afar n go for ur own. if not, ur future will consist of ppl taking advantage of u causing to fall in w the wrong crowd (lol not rly a crowd more like ull have no friends) j a heads up, u might have to convince ur parents to switch schools to rid urself of this label. i’m j warning u, ull have sm unnessesary weight n stress to carry & the journey will b a tough one. but overall, ur doing great sweetie:)

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What would be the perfect date?

spending the day in port jeff where we’d eat dinner early, then go back to mine or his place, ding dong ditch ppls houses on bikes around the neighborhood, then cuddle n watch the sunset by the beach w a bunch o blankets, n then watch netflix till we fall asleep on each other. (a perfect balance of adventure and romanticism) :)))

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