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OwenLewis512’s Profile PhotoOwen Lewis
only doing yours because you done mine;) not that i want to do it but yano:/ you're so lush! used to be super close, drifted a lot:( miss being close! you're such a lovely, funny boy, haven't seen you in ages, you have the lushest friendship group ever, all the boys are so sweet:') especially ginge;) he'll always have a thing for me mun:/;) anyway, you're a gorgeous looking boy, sexy and cute, love your hair it's lush!!! always going to be here for you no matter what, need to see you real soon, need a good catch up:-) don't ever hesitate to pop up if you need anything mind, will always look out for you. deserve the best, come out soon:')

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kayleighevansss’s Profile Photokayleigh evans
'slut' eh? says you:/;) aw kayl you're amazing, by far one of the most sweetest girls i know, you're gorgeous too! i remember the first day i met you, you're so lovely, trust you loads!!! know quite a lot about me even though we ain't exactly close, we've got a few memories, remember on the walzters down barry;) that was a fab day:') you always make me laugh when you come out with us lot! i reckon you could go far with your singing tbh;) you're lush. haven't seen you for a while:( need to come more, always here for you, now you best do me one in return! mwah:*

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