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Are you here ?

Once again asking people to go follow my twitch, I’m trying to stream a bit more and I’m even trying to talk a bit more while doing so. All support is appreciated ❤️ twitch.tv/ohitshyper

Do you look older or younger than your age?

If I’m getting asked for ID when buying an energy drink I think it’s safe to say I clearly don’t look 27
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Why are some people so horrible on here?

probably because they have nothing better to do and they're insecure I'd bet

Every time I eat walnuts, my skin breaks out. Is it possible that I have an allergy? I don't have the common allergy symptoms. It doesn't make me feel bad physically; my skin just starts itching and breaking out, that's all. Could it still be an allergic reaction?

I'd assume that would be an allergy yeah, it can be mild so I'd go see a doctor about it for sure

What's your generation? I was born in 1997. That's when the Gen Z begins, but I identify as a millennial b/c I grew up with older siblings and I've always been a fan of all the cool, stylish, pretty girls things like magazines, y2k fashion, MySpace scene girls etc. I feel like most gen z is beneath.

I was 1996

Do people think you look your age?

considering i still get asked for ID for energy drinks I'd assume not

In the dance of restraint, a curious game, With cheeks clenched tight, I seek to reclaim. For in holding back what begs release, A fleeting thrill, a peculiar peace.


I had my birthday yesterday but didn’t get any presents only 3 cards I’m not happy 😭

imagine being so concerned about gifts when you still got cards so clearly had people think about you


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