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He's asleep. What should I do?

Depends on the situation...if he's mean to you, get the hell out and run as far away as you can. If he's good to you, let him sleep and go in the other room and play with yourself.

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I still cannot believe what I learned today .I cannot hamdle all these emotions at onc. Its scaring the livi g dayligts out me. Literally😔😭😩I Im scared.Shaaking, &, nauseous. 😭😭😭😭

lmarie7328’s Profile PhotoLynn Marie
Take a deep breath and exhale slowly...repeat a few times. Then process the situation.

What do I do if my dad keeps going inside my room and cleaning up for me (like plates I left there after eating) I told him numerous times I don’t want him to do that and that I’ll clean up. but he said he will not tolerate untidiness. (I’m 18)?

He probably does it, because you keep telling him you'll clean up, but never do. I'm thinking he's tired of your laziness.

I wanna cry but I don’t wanna be alone anymore

Then put yourself out there and make yourself available.

What's the most absurd dream you've dreamt about?

I had this dream where I was answering dumb questions on some strange website all night long.

(sent on 6/12/21) which lyrics have influenced your life the most? or in other words, are there any lyrics that really made you think about your life/society?

poetalunam’s Profile Photoleigh; ✨️
Not really, lyrics are more memories instead of influences.

Was there something in your childhood your parents lied you about and you knew they were lying?

Besides Santa and the Easter Bunny?


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