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Well now that everyone knows, Her Eating Lingerie Poop annoys the shit out of me ok bye.

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bish no amount of screaming for HELP will give you the slightest chance of ever escaping my expertly woven webs of death.
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I cant belive you are gay. had high hopes for you. ...( -__-)

omfg yuzuzuzuuz *harlem shakes* *hurls a rainbow* *buys and copyrights the instagram rainbow puke filter*
@noha.haneen ze secret is out bayish wut we gonna dooooooo
(to all my 37838282929291001 bayfraaaands its not your fault its mine kabhi alvida na kehna keep in touch i will never let go)

What are the most important advantages of Internet?

you get to occasionally self ask and answer questions just so you maintain your already not very relevant social life.
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Likers get You+me+1hour=.........? 1.Movie 2.Loadz of laugh 3.Fight 4.Endless Talk 5.Party 6.Romance 7.Non stop looks 8.Gossip 9.Death battle 10.Kiss 11. Eating lots of food 12.Head on lap 13.Disco 14.A hug 15.Studies...

The amount of effort you put into zis is almost motivational.

i knw u very well... u also knw me very well...but i cnt say u in frnt that I LOVE U!!!!😔bcz the relation in wch we chat, we tlk is smthng else...idk wt u thnk abt me but wen i mssg u i only thnk as ur my grl....plzz try to undrstnd!!! i hope u wll find ot out and send me reply as i wnt😁👍



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