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Would you like to live in Canada and why?

I probably should..maple leaves are beautiful..I'd also love to see a hockey game with added snow

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Will you love this guy forever?

I think a guy who falls for and kisses the feet of a woman who only uses him and she's that narcissistic, has to be the very same.

Did you and Monroe work out?

The fuckin bitch read the posts and decided to get engaged to him, and fundraise trying to make his fuckin family believe she loved him without money, in order to she sold the art, to gain leverage over trying to own major production companies she got her art to represent like cosmetics and a film company down in Canada.


No because that bitch only wants millions to billions of dollars and to own every company and production company as her own, but I guess that's more of a challenge to stay out of prison with her.

I deleted all of my social media accounts, and changed my number to start fresh. Was this mean of me

You gotta stop making me feel used for a con artist.

Are you and Munro still together?

Yes!!!!! It's going on 3 years, our anniversary when we first started dating is July 4th! We have been together for 3 years!

Rose: 1. I have a bf who is testing me and I find every excuse. 2. I'm not the woman she is and your characteristics is why we became friends in the first place. 4. The fire I feel with the fiance and hell is attracted to destroying the flames. 5. The past life you didn't want to get killed again.

M: yeah back in 2017

Rose: I'll be the same profession, I'll make equal money and give you all you need and hope to everything I'm, you won't cheat on me with a snake.

M: dayum.


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