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Oh glorious Top Hats and Champagne. I require your aid. In the video The Best, Worst, Cringiest, Funniest Things on THaC: 2017 Edition! [Year Highlights], From 5.25 - 5.54 what is that from I have now gone through ALL of your videos on YT and can't find where it is from. Please aid a fellow in need.

You ask too much of me. I can barely remember what I ate an hour ago. :(

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Hi, I'm a Chemistry Student in Germany and wanted to leave Germany after I got my masters degree. How easy is it moving from Germany to Australia and are there thing you absolutly should keep in mind that are not obvious?

Definitely keep the dropbears in mind. As to how easy it is? Get employment here, and be sure to be trained in a job that Aussies think needs to be filled by foreigners still.

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finally! one of my favorite anti-SJW youtubers has a communication line! Q1) to what degree are trans individuals dependant upon medications in a military setting? Q2) how long do you think it would take for most americans to become desensitized and habituate to all this "hot issue" trans stuff?

jake howard
Q1) I'm not a medical doctor, really.
Q2) I don't know what you mean.

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Would you be willing to debate me on religion? Less "Hur durp God exist cuz i say so an bc meanz before christz itsss proooof" but more because of your methods when it comes to discussing such matters, big fan but man your a obnoxious c__t TTYL LY Lemme know your answer an ill work on getting it :)

Patrick Sewell
No, your god isn't real, and debating that is a complete waste of time.

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