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Would you rather have a lavish wedding or a simple wedding and a honeymoon abroad

Depends on my partner, personally I like to keep it simple

If you get only one chance to meet someone and decide for marriage, what topics would you discuss in that one meeting

Any nice answers?

What exactly do guys mean when they say wife material?

Just that the particular person could be a good wife according to their perspective

Boys, would you like receiving flowers ? Which ones ?

I am not particularly excited about the idea of receiving flowers but it's not like I will go "yuck" even if i receive

What exercises would you recommend to a beginner for general fitness ?

Do yoga
Basically 10-20 reps of Surya namaskar for a month should be ok

Husband doesn’t put any effort in relationship . For him his effort is listening to my complaints. Should I leave him .

Expectations hurt

If a girl is lonely at night most of the time does that mean she doesn't hv a boyfriend!!??

It doesn't necessarily have to be a bf maybe a best friend too


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