Ask @spnch:

whats your favorite song right now?

yasiin bey's "quiet dog bite hard." here's a link that works today:
the version appearing on the remix album "the recstatic" has a brighter sound to it and i prefer that one but youtube didn't have it and i've already spent a lot of time deciding what song is my favorite right now (other candidates: run the jewels' "early", cibo matto's "birthday cake", blondie's "rifle range", aretha's "chain of fools", nina simone's version of "house of the rising sun" (note: every cishet white man who's covered this song is bullshit, except dylan when i'm feeling generous))
the arrangement is very minimal -- percussions and a voice. bey's voice and delivery are immaculate in this song, chanting till he really gets you in the base of the spine and you are going to dance. it is party music, it's quick and clever, it's jazz, it's drenched in the aesthetic of the diaspora and feels like a home i maybe knew once when i was seven.

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What's something every teen should know?

go to community college and not whatever overpriced trade schools are holding kickass assemblies and giving out cool demo reels -- community colleges have the same classes for far cheaper, with access to the same tools, the same books, instructors who aren't actively competing with students and integration into an accredited school system with pretty well developed and varied coursework leaving you room to learn the things you would like to learn and grow as you would like to grow. don't go to art school, don't go to mechanic school, don't go to architect school -- go to community college, it has all those things and it won't cost you hardly anything in loans, vs trade schools that are fast climbing in cost (guaranteed tuition hikes as a means to lock students into applying early should be illegal, but isn't). if anyone tells you that's wrong, or that people shouldn't aspire to community college, tell them to write you a check. only go anywhere else if they're paying, because working while schooling is some bullshit.

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Are you afraid of falling in love?

when i learned of a male spider that, in the beginning of the mating process, would be devoured by his mate, whom he would impregnate from within, i knew what love was, and since then have never loved anyone who did not, on some fundamental level, terrify me; yes, i am terrified -- my breath shortening, my tongue swelling, my mouth drying, my heart racing, my nerves tingling, my back tightening -- or else i haven't fallen in love at all.

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If you were a farmer, what would you grow?

anything and everything that could be integrated into the plumbing, until outside and inside are integrated through one bigass aquaponic filtration system allowing for the eventual complete enclosure of my abode from any external water supply that is not rainwater or the leavings of occasional visitors. of course, there would have to be enough critters around (human or not) to supply the requisite carbon dioxide for plant respiration should the house ever decide to leave earth.

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If you want to learn shoemaking where the hell are you going to get appropriate lasts?

were i to be an apprentice, the master i work under would have lasts already (MasterLasts? Master Laster); otherwise, a mold(/cast) can be made from a foot, and a last from the mold (LastCast). i would not be opposed to making lasts of each person for whom i'd make a shoe, keeping each in their own cubby marked off by name in the event they come in for more shoes. (all parentheticals are jokes #acab)

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