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A guy just hit me on a bike going 20 w/car. He admitted that he was wrong and that he also has other traffic infringements on this record. He was on something but I hate cops. I have a gash in my right eyebrow and a fat lip, my middle finger broken. How much should he pay me for pain and suffering?


Do you have a favorite pair of shoes or piece of clothing you wear into the ground?

Yeah it’s called suck a bit he’s left and right tittle and ass cheek

That I’ll always love you song gets deep. What if you truly feel that way about someone?

I don’t

I'm hurting about you. I can pretend I don't hurt, but deep down I do. I can't even go into detail about how I truly feel for you, because it would be a waste of my time and wouldn't matter to you. It would change nothing.

Dude tell ya hat to someone else


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