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Looks to be some sort of skin smoothing. Apps like that are fairly common nowadays, unfortunately. I know Brookelle uses one 😂

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has anything interesting happened to you in the last few months?


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stop asking yourself questions.

Not this again. 😩

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why do you act like youre still relavent lmfao

I don't act like anything. I got questions, I answered them. If you have a problem with that, don't come to our account.

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If you were to get a tattoo today, what would you get and where would you have it placed?

Something from my favorite movie on my thigh.

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come baaack

We are baaack.

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what have you all been up to lately?


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what you look like now

The same as I have before. Longer hair. I'll post a photo on my tumblr later.

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please come back!!

We are back.

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so wtf do u guys do now lmfao

Work, work, work 💋

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i really wish smackbrookelle would come back, have you talked to them recently?

I haven't, but I have been keeping up with the two of them, since I have them on Facebook.
They're doing very well!

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is austen ever coming back?

Austin* and no, he has bigger and better things to work on.

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rachel where have u been


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what were your top three favorite photoshop fail moments, if you ever come back?

That time that Brookelle actually thought she could photoshop photos from a nightclub, and we caught her in the act. That one... probably trumps all other fails this site has ever done.

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look how short her legs are in this but compare them to that other photo i sent you ahhhahaha

The worst part is she doesn't look bad here at all, even if it might be photoshopped a little.

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It's honestly a shame she feels tht she has to photoshop herself to feel better, when her actually body (see our next ask) is actually not bad at all?
It honestly looks like she's trying to be that racist barbie from Russia, I can't remember her name.

View more Given the compression of the pixels, despite the fact that her phone seems to be the rose gold iPhone, she uploaded it from an outside source before posting it to instagram. I wouldn't be surprised if she did photoshop it.

View more have you seen this? Brookelle tried to say that she didn't steal it, but no one believed her

I have, yes. She claimed that she never "said" it was hers and that "if she knew whose photo it was, she would have tagged them." Before she made this comment, the original poster of the instagram photo DID come foreward - Brookelle would have had to have known all along that it was theirs. - Yellow are the comments in question, pink is to show you that brookelle had 2 months to fix the instagram post and tag the original poster, and the highlighted parts are where the person said it was theirs and Brookelle claimed they 'didn't' know. This is incredibly old, I know, but I figured I should put it out there.
I'm surprised she hasn't deleted it yet, to be honest with you.

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why have you been gone so long?

Busy making that 💵

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can we still send you fails?

Of course.

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what happened to brookelle?

Her fifteen minutes of fame are over?

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will you ever come back?

We're still here, just waiting for people to send us photoshop fails.

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