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Hey there! I absolutely love your store and I was wondering. Do you plan on having any Hyperdimension Neptunia cosplays in the future for your shop? <3 :3 I find it difficult to find Neptune's hoodie from other sites because of trust issues ;w;

Jessica Pham

Hello sweetie, yes sure would you please email to for detail? Thank you and look forward to your mails :)

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Sorry to be a bother, but do you guys sell plus size tennis (Pleated) skirts that aren't the seifuku bottoms?

Hello yes we can custom made, would you please email for the style if possible? Thank you :)

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Hello <3 I have very big feet (China 42) and i'm curious if these socks will fit me >u< thank you

Hello sweetie, these socks are stretch, and they fits for any size of feet :)

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Do you/will you sell the custom acrylic name necklaces again? ;;

Hello sweetie, yes we're working on the link and should be ready on around Oct 22-23, please check our site closely :) Thanks for your support ^-^

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Hello sweetie, may I know your detail measurements like bust, shoulder length and waist, so that we can check for you? Thank you :)

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Dear SpreePicky I'm a 1.70 cm girl in love with your site, particularly with your tights section.I noticed that tights fits only 1.50-1.65 m and I'm desperate! Please, make beautiful tights for taller girls too!


yes! we have! pls check our tights collection and some of them are stretchable for tall girl ^^ thanks for your support

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Hello :3 i have big feet (26 cm) and i saw you actually sell some shoes for my foot lenght! My feet are actually really thin. Do the 26 cm shoes run small around the foot too?

make sure to confirm with our customer service when you make order :D

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Hello ;3;<3 Are your wigs strechable or do they only have one size?

we offer size in each item page, please check. they are not stretchable

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Is there any way to track your packages? I've tried to but I don't get any results...

we sent tracking number for each order, and if it fails to track online, pls email us at

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I have a rather big head, my circumfrence is about 57-59 cm. I'd really love to buy a wig from you, but i'm afraid it wont fit since the circumfrence is 55 cm. Or are some of your wigs adjustable?

um sorry ;w; we provided the valid size in item page and we are afraid it is too small for you ;w;

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Hi ! Do you received the goods for Iraq? i really want to buy from you♡

sure! worldwide free shipping :D

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How do you change your password on Spreepicky's website?

hello, did you want to change your password? please email me at and i will help.

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Hi! Is your blue/green galaxy backpack sold out? Will it be back in your shop soon? I really liked that backpack! Sorry for my bad english. Hugs!

sorry ;w; we will update if it is back to stock.

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Hello Spreepicky <3 i'm 179 cm tall and i'd like to purchase one of your tights that goes up to max 175 cm height. Do you think it will fit me? >u<

hello sweetie, sorry we are not sure since the max length is for 175cm ;w;

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I have over 1500 tumblr followers, could pluscutie or spreepicky please sponsor me?

Please kindly go and register: (Instruction included)

You could either gain commission of money or store credit including extra 10% as bonus credit^^

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Hi! i have a question... in de 'outer space sailor moon seifuku uniform set' comes 6 uniforms or just one?


you could choose one from them, or get all of them^^

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Hi. Are you still selling the Krad Lanrete Lost in Sea OP Blue?

sorry currently no ;w; check what's on sale now

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Hello there I love your store so much! I wanne order the sakura school uniform bikini but do u have a picture of it where someone is wearing it? I hope u soon have many moor cute stuff bcs imme order it al ^0^

The food thief

sorry currently we dont get the review photos yet, but no worry, we are preparing for it

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Hi! I saw gothic glasses on your store around October 2014 and they aren't in your shop anymore. Any chance I can get my hands on them? They had a black chain with roses and coffins on it.


This is not a question but I'd like to thank you for always anwering all those questions and send such cute postcards and gifts with our purchase uwu<3

you are so sweet! thank you so much for support and trust <3 have a nice day ^^

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Hello <3 I'd like to ask wether 26 cm are EU shoe size 40 oder 41? ;w; i'd really like tu buy those shoes but i'm afraid my feet are too big ;_;

sorry we dont know your size. but you could check, as the shoes is for Foot length of 26cm/10.24"inch

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how long will it take for a order to arrive in sweden ? ;-;

Hello, It usually take 10-15 days to arrive Sweeden, and take 3-5 days to delivery to you.
Also you can add USD25.00 or USD40.00 to upgrade DHL shipping.

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Hello, I was wondering if the pricing on this is a mistake? because I was actually going to attempt to purchase it and see if it worked but I don't want to get charged for something silly.

Takahashi Haru

Hello Sweetie.

I am so sorry make you confuse. Yes, it have system bug cause us the price is wrong. We already fix now. Thank you very much for your kindly and tell us this. Here is the link :

Please inform me order number (, when you place an order, I hope I can give a small gift for your order.

Best Regards
Spreepicky Team

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Do you have a little twin stars bedding at your store? I saw one I really liked on storenvy a while back and I thought it was from your store but now I'm redoing my room and want it but can't find it :( Sorry if it wasn't ever at your store and this is a waste.

Hello Sweetie. I am so sorry that we can no bedding item in our store. Welcome keep eye on our nice dress

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