Ask @spudpickle:

Any suggestions for sites that are actually active?

Oh boii, some sites are dying or are just getting started or have plateaued.
I guess it really depends on what you're looking for in a site too.
My forever favs would be Inked Hearts and then if you just search the affiliates they have from there.
The site I would currently recommend tho is House Of Memories - they're new and have a strong community feel from their chat.

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Are you the same person a year ago? If not, what changed?

Well, today I turned 20 and I turned 19 on this day a year ago. That changed. I think I've become more of a powerhouse in the last year, don't get in my way bitch I will mow you down. I've gotten more acquainted with my emotions. I've grown apart from some people that I miss being in my life. I've had a friendship transition into a lifelong friendship, like you just know that even if you fight you'll be fine and idk it just doesn't feel superficial. My ride or die friend. Alot has changed and I hope it continues too 💜

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