Ask @sqwarlock:

Would you mind writing a blog covering what you do as a technical writer for Blizzard and how one might prepare to apply for such a role?

I can absolutely do this! Keeping in mind, of course, that my experience there is only relevant to the Customer Support Operations side of things. Other tech writers at Blizz don't do the same things I do.

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Do you feel the secrecy you have to maintain working for blizzard on upcoming titles ever affects your personal relationships and trust issues?

Not really, no. I will say that I miss being able to truly go full tinfoil hat when it comes to lore/gameplay speculation. Especially now that I'm dating someone that's just as in to, if not more in to, Blizzard games. Actually it is hard to not shoot down her theories even in extremely vague ways. So I guess it does affect that particular part of our relationship a bit. *shrug* Either way, there's still a lot, A LOT, of stuff that I don't know so we can still speculate about those things. And I am getting better about playing along even if I know the actual answer.
Keeping stuff a secret is sort of exciting. Before we announced Overwatch last year I'd known about it for several months as a I needed to create the support site content for beta sign ups. I was with friends during the opening ceremony at BlizzCon and was bouncing with excitement during the entire show. It's affected my personal hype for our products, but I still love watching everyone else go nuts.

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If you could change one pivotal moment in history for better or for worse, what would it be?

Doomhammer Ivraedar
This is a real cop out, and it may sound extremely insensitive, but nothing. It's far too easy to imagine that the world would be better if we could change history.
In order to not be a jackass, however, I'll give you an actual answer: 9/11. It would, theoretically, negate the TSA, Patriot Act, and many other things that have absolutely destroyed the America I knew before 2001.

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Do you have a favorite thesaurus? I've never met a thesaurus I didn't love, but some are more interesting than others. (Roget's bland, Rodale's more colorful, for ex.) Thanks! ^.^

I can honestly say I've never thought about picking a favorite thesaurus. Then again I've only ever owned one physical thesaurus and it was a Roget.

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What was the longest conversation you have had with someone recently? What was it about?

Talked with my girlfriend for almost four hours last night over Skype. We talked about...everything. Laid to rest some apprehensions, talked about our future together, discussed our mutual love for Ancient Egypt, etc. It was fantastic, as conversations with her always are.

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