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I don't interfere in someone's life. But it is hella irritating seeing someone interfering in my life.
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Wouldn't you miss this time after 20-30 years? The years of your teenage, twenties, the time you spent on askfm. How do you feel about that. Isn't it make you happy and sad at the same time

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Man, I have started missing already. Ask.fm is not less than any friend to me. I met amazing people here. Learned some cool words. Ask has been my friend of my sad moments. Morelike a personal therapist to me.

Few years back I proposed a girl I liked. She didn't even respond. I thought the person she'd choose will be very special. She has got married recently and when I saw her husband, I thought he is the person whom she chose over me how even. Girls end up marrying average looking guys

AND you will end up marrying someone prettier than her..


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