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Stop telling me to call you, when you changed your number. It's not a joke.

No it's not a joke it's testing your ability to stop repeating what you already know isn't there anymore

Well instead of getting in a fight i can cut this now have fun I'm not messing with u after this I dont want to hear excuses or xur bs dknt believe anythig you'll ever ssy

Ok sounds good and while your there spell check yourself lol

Hey fat as frist cause i need gloves cause those teeth gonna give me infection

What you need to do is first learn how to spell cause man lol

If you are still having thoughts about someone 7-8 years later, what do you do?

Reach out to them and get your closure

How do you move on when someone just stops loving you suddenly

Slowly, but stay focused and keep moving forward with yourself

Would you be skeptical if a stranger was willing to give you money without wanting anything in return?

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Yes but then no at the same time cause I tend to do that
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