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محمد ثنیان
Just wanted you guys to know that when you're telling somebody about their FLAWS and even though your intensions are just to give em a motivation or something, or maybe that's what you tell your self, white body/ personality/ slut/ shaming someone that you don't mean to hurt. you just want them to know so; they'd get better PEOPLE let me tell you. THEY (FLAWED PEOPLE) know their flaws way better than any other thing in themselves. so, while ANNOUNCING those flaws out loud. you're just giving them another reason for self hating!! and guess what?? this SHITS ends with a result of anxiety/depression/ or maye DEATH. so, for the sake of God!! stop telling people that;
-itni moti kyu ho?
-patli ko khaya piya karo
-sanwli ho lekin khaer etc etc.
trust me!! they're all HAUNTED BY THESE FLAWS ALREADY NO NEED TO DO THAT SHIT KINDLY!! this will not do any good thing in their life.
There's alot more in it but i think i made my point quit clear. i just want you to know that if you call them out by their FLAWS just because you're BFFS!! so, you think it'd help them to get motivated. NO! it only reminds them their Flaws in even more bitter way. we're already haunted by our flaws so, for your kind gestures mentioning them now.and doesn't help. All it does to make us more concious about ourselvs. and maye hate our selfs a bit more. than kindly after their death don't say is umar mai depression tch tch acha bandi/banda/ tha etc etc. JUST TRY TO TELL THEM SOMETHING GOOD ON THEIR FACE TILL YOU CAN.