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ur thought abt krishan leaving?

at first i was like so sad a little disappointed tho. like without them exo will not complete.
but now, i can adapt to it. i mean, we have another ten stars that still shining bright and need our support.
btw, i believe that krishan and exo still contact with each other.
they are one remember?
ur thought abt krishan leaving

Do you miss xiuhan? ㅠㅠ

I miss them a lot. I miss their coffee dates, soccer dates .. everything abt them.
now i just scrolling tumblr (to see their old pics), aff (to read any story abt their relationship) and twitter (to look if there's any news abt them). my life is incomplete without them.
i fucking miss them so fucking much
Do you miss xiuhan ㅠㅠ

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do you write ?

yes i am . but i don't post my fics anywhere . lol . I just keep it in my laptop folder . huhuhuhuhuhu . i don't know what i should do . should i post it ? but my grammar is shitting on me . blame my entire life .

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