Ask @stardustanddreams:

Is it easier to forgive or forget??? 👀

Forgive, forgive, forgive. That bullshit probably effects you a lot more than the accused and honestly, you don't need all that negativity. Forgetting is just escaping from reality, and as all great ones before us have proved a million can never truly escape reality. Forgive, it will help you breathe easier.

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What if I am good with all the concepts and I only practice the mock test given in the Arihant BITSAT book including online test and previous year’s paper, will that be enough to crack the BITSAT (I won't practice tge chapterwise questions given) ?

Yeah anyway BITSAT is more about speed + efficiency, so if you're strong enough with the concepts then solving papers and mock tests is all you should be doing right now. Best of luck!

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