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私は一年前に失恋しました。 今もその人のことが好きです。でも今年のバレンタインはチョコをあげられませんでした。振られたのにあげる勇気などわたしにはないです!あげられるわけがない!って感じです。彼を困らせたくないしチョコをあげることは自己満のように感じてしまいます。好きだからあげないんです!!好きだからあげない!!!!!!!ただこの気持ち誰かわかって😭😭😭😭


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Is getting married young a good idea?

A lot of people say that getting married early is a “bad idea,” as if it means you’re somehow “missing out.” More and more I’ve noticed a bias against people who get married early. People love to rush to judgement about two people who decide they’ve found “the one” at a young age and don’t care that they’re a little younger than average when they did it.
The stereotype is that people who get married young are old fashioned, ignorant, and probably going to get divorced. And I don’t really think that’s okay, or fair.
In fact, I think there are a lot of great benefits to getting married young, and I think that couples who tie the knot when they’re younger aged get a bum rap for absolutely no reason.

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