Ask @starstorm931:

do you like new powerpuff girl reboot. i dont care for it

I watched the first two episodes of it, and I didn't really like it. The humor is bland, nothing the show does stands out from any other currently airing cartoon in any way, the animation is shite, the girls aren't really that enjoyable to watch, and a lot of episode plots were recycled from the original show's episodes. I stopped watching the show before it started overusing memes and internet lingo that's going to be outdated in the next 5 years (or is already outdated), and I don't plan on going back. The whole thing just reeks of corperate cynicism, and considering merchandise for the show came out FREAKING MONTHS before the show even aired, I just have to believe that the show was made to cash in on 90's nostalgia and merchandising.

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