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Are you in for the short or long relationship ?

Eventually I'd want a long term partner, but right now I'm just in it for fun.

Here’s an odd question, how would you feel about being obsessed over romantically?

Can they like...be obsessed but only a LITTLE bit? Not to like, a *dangerous* point, where I'll find boiled rabbit on my stove??
Because someone whose kinda obsessed with me would be weirdly flattering?

Are you in your villain arc?

Oh definitely. I am discovering how great it is to not give a single shit what people think about me, and just do what I want.

What color are your eyes? Are you content with the color you were born with?

Brown. I wish they were blue.

Would you say your voice and speaking style is melodramatic, dark and cold?

I am very cold when I speak.

What's the meaning behind your name, do you believe it holds any value to who you are as a person?

Esme means loved or esteemed. And i definitely want to be esteemed and worshipped. 😉

You find yourself standing upon a all knowing being who holds the knowledge of everything in the universe, what is the first question you ask?

BritneyIsBack’s Profile PhotoOBII SHIINOBII
"Dude... What the fuck??"

Why do bad things happen to good people

Because the universe is a series of random events constantly happening. They make no moral judgements


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