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U called sydney out for no damn reason and that's bogus and we got proof of stuff u done as well

I believe that I got asked a question asking about her ??? and oh pretty sure this is Joey so wassup?

That side hoe contract tho!😂😂😂😂💀💀💀. And that paragraph to Alexis. Does that ring a bell ding! Ding! Ding! We=everyone with a damn head and brain and every one that knows the real u

nobody knows the " real me " lmao so you can btfo boo , n actually that does ring a bell thank you soo so much for reminding me , you're such a kind person for that! but you really don't know how me and Felix were playing around with that contract😂💀💀 yall mf are just nosey and take everything serious , lol your funny if your trying to make me feel bad for my mistakes in the past it's not really working cause I could honesty give two fucks about it , I've changed my personality and how i am and obviously you don't know that whoever you are. but again ATLEAST I DIDNT SEND ANY NUDES OF SUCKED DICK , and also you can get off anon if you wanna talk more shit to me , Ty!!! xoxo - yo home girl steph 😘😘😘

Dont be calling sydney out...cuz we know the shit you've tried with other guys

define " we " & what shit have I tried with other guys ? 😂 lmk lmk

Dropped side hoes for daniel but could not for Joey who acctually liked you for who you are... Couldnt do better

I'm guessing this is Joey because he spells " actually " with 2 C's 😂, I did upgrade and Daniel does like me for who I am lmao foh , and I never even had " side hoes " when I was talking to Joey it was a joke so bye 😀👌
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