Ask @stephoniha:

It's not that person at all. It's related to another evil person who cursed someone I cared for and until things hopefully change this is the only way I could get this out, thanks

oh, sorry to hear. I pray that things can change

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+1 answer in: “You decided to favor someone you know is completely indecent and disrespectful to everyone not to mention less than sane- and completely abandon and disregard the person who you knew loved you unconditionally. I have to ask why”

What do you want as a bday gift :)

Hmm, good question. A more, portable laptop but that is expensive for the workload I need to do. 15.6" Gaming Laptop is a beast but miss the 14" HP ZBook G2 Workstation Laptop (designed for engineering). So, I guess new music recommendations will be good or something from my Amazon wishlist that is less expensive/less pricey. I'll figure it out. Or spend time with the people in my bridal party will be nice...

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Would you lie about being married? Even though you’re not even after being together 10+ years and kids together?

This is likely coming from the fuckbois/fuckgirls I kicked out of my life. I won't answer this. I keep my private life private for a reason and stay the fuck away from narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths to AVOID getting caught in difficult/tough situations such as smear campaigns.

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