Ask @stevenlipoma1996420:

According to you, why do people love? Or fall in love?

They feel like they want love then they find what they feel like is love and then they go with it. Everything in life is only your perception of what is actually real. so if you feel like you want what you believe “love” is and you feel like you found it then you would be happy in your mind if you stayed in love with that person. It’s all chemistry in your brain. That’s as scientific as it gets the rest of it is spiritual and I can’t really explain that part.

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Some advice for those who wanna be better?

If you want to be better first step no matter what you want to be better at is be active find something productive to do that you like get good at it make sure you get paid what you deserve really find a job and meet people that encourage teach and enable you to bring out your strengths. Surround yourself around better people you will become better.

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What exactly do you want these days?

To get signed for like 6 million so I can have fun with good people and enjoy life and have a big roll in the bigger picture. I want to buy a bad ass car and house for my family I didn’t start yet so I can have a real life. Not a life of working for money to stay above water , I want to build a comfortable life for me and my family I want to start one day. I can’t start a family until I get better financially and feel secure. I want to be happy and know that I have an important part in the bigger picture of things. I’m not wealthy but my journey and struggle has been very long even tho I still am bursting with energy.

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Our ability to distinguish between the need to fart and the need to poop is something that we learn gradually in the process of toilet training and early childhood. With the tactile nerve endings in the rectal area, we can actually feel different sensations depending upon what is waiting by the exit

I wish we could give anonymous answers because I’d say something fucked up 😂

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Do you trust your friends? Do you know your friends? Do you feel better when you are around them?

I have very very few friends. I feel safe around them yes. I would feel bad for anybody who wants to try us as a group. They might as well be my security. I wouldn’t trust anybody else to be my security. Yea I feel better around them always because I can trust them and we are some Bosses so life is good.

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Do you have a special Sunday activity ?

Yea I like to start my day on Sundays worshipping Jesus and then get some coffee and chill with whoever listen to some music then have lunch probably smoke some drink some then have a big Dinner Party with the whole family. It’s sad because I can’t do that anymore because I live alone basically and don’t have anybody to do it with. Usually I Do it all by myself sundays.. so I just go out to eat instead.

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