Ask @stinaoedegaard:

Candles or fairy lights? | Sun or moon? | Forest or beach? | Thunderstorm or sunny person? | Early bird or night owl? | Silver or gold? | Crushed ice or cubed ice? | Antique or brand new? | Fiction or non-fiction? | Sunrise or sunset? | Call or text? | Shower in the morning or in the evening?

Candles or fairy lights? » candles
Sun or moon? » moon
Forest or beach? » beach.. forests is kinda scares me lol
Thunderstorm or sunny person? » i love both but i find thunderstorms much more interesting.
Early bird or night owl? » night owl
Silver or gold? » gold
Crushed or cubed ice? » cubed
Antique or brand new? » antique
Fiction or non-fiction? » both
Sunrise or sunset? » sunrise i think
Call or text? » text but it depends who i'm speaking to
Shower in the morning or in the evening? » evening

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If you were a YouTuber (not a Vidder) what kind of videos would you like to make? What would be your channel's name? Would you like to be one of them / do you have alredy a channel? 😊

Yes, I already have a channel like this. I´m not satisfied with my content so far, but I just had to start somewhere. I make movie reviews, music playlists, challenges and random stuff. I hope to make more artsy videos and also more humor videos. A little bit of everything. I definitely enjoy making these type of videos, and it´d be a dream having it as a job in the future.

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If you were a YouTuber not a Vidder what kind of videos would you like to make

Why are so many people depressed nowadays?

I have too many thoughts on this subject tbh. It's something I often ask myself. It's hard to say if people really are more depressed today than they were 20-50 years ago. I think it's always been there, but more people are opening up and talking about it which is a good thing. But I feel many young people misunderstand/romanticize/overuse the word depressed. It's almost feel like it's becoming a trend, that being depressed makes you cool or smth. Especially on twitter and tumblr. And talking from own experiences, it's anything but cool. BUT we've also never had more access to information before. We are constantly being reminded of other people's happiness and success online. We compare and we compete.
I'm gonna stop now. 😂 But something is definitely wrong with society nowadays. So I hope we all can do our best to change it 👊🏼

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Why are so many people depressed nowadays

5-20 random/weird facts about yourself?

✖️I'm daily on, if i recognize an actor, i have to go straight to imdb to check out what he or her has played in.
Or else I go crazy.
✖️ If I see a great movie/show, I can't stop thinking about it. I go on YT, watch every video/interview. Recently happened with IT movie. 🎈
✖️I'm indecisive AF.
✖️that's why I sometimes use ridicously long time in supermarkets. ☝🏼
✖️I'm clumsy and have been since I was a child. I always trip, spill drinks, etc.
✖️ I'm often lost in my own world and have difficulty listening to conversations. (if the subject doesn't interest me)
✖️ I LOVE dancing. Drunk or sober. If I'm out, I'd rather dance than talk to people.
✖️ I have many celebrity crushes and it usually turns into an unhealthy obsession. Aand I have a boyfriend... (he knows about my problem lmao)
✖️ I love discussing topics I'm passionate about, but I can get a little too engaged.
✖️ I'm very different from the few friends i have irl, and I'm the "weird" one in the group.
✖️ I have sleeping problems and literally can't sleep if someone snores/makes any noises.

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520 randomweird facts about yourself

RWQ#23 : Are you going/did you go/do you want to go to college/uni ? What do you think about higher education ?

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No, I've learned that school is not for me. At least for now. I have different opinions about high education though. To me, it's not important. I think it's important to not think/care to much about what's considered to be a high education. Society/school have it's way of glorizing it. Just go your own path and do what makes you happy. 🌈🌈

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Who are your favorite characters in Game of Thrones?

Other faves are Theon, Arya, Oberyn, Jon, Jorah, The Hound, Sansa, Jamie, Cersei (love to hate her), Tyrion.
Lol this is tough.. A reason why I'm such a fan of GoT, is because of all the brilliant characters. I love them all in different ways.

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Who are your favorite characters in Game of Thrones