Ask @stolyarenkom:

Are you the type of person who would spend time in the company of a stranger with pleasure, drinking cappuccinos and telling each other stories from life? :) ☕☕

Yes, I am, I have got interesting stories from life, but with one condition that this stranger should be very cute and I will never see him again.

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What do you love the most? Please answer

The most I love winter time, walking in the park in 20 degrees below zero, to take on warm suit, I love skating too much, than to take hot mulled wine with spices, and to eat Carpathian dishes like “pechenya po gutsulski” with white mushrooms.

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If people can read your mind , What would they usually hear!¿ 😛😛

“...Oh fuck, God Bless, he is crazy, she is crazy, if people knew what I think about them they would be very surprised...”, “I am an angle... really angel...”, besides people whom I told in my previous answer!

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What apps do you mostly use on your phone?

Fill the glass, Авито, My Volia,, Instagram, WeChat, FB2Reader, Line Puzzle, Pass2Wallet, Passdock, Stocard, Uklon, Followers, Нова пошта,,,, Happt glass, Uber, InstaDown, InstaGhost, text on photo, InstaClean, SudokuSE, Wholnteract, BlockersSpy, Canva, Pinterest.

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Which type of people you really love to talk with?

I love to talk to people who are individuals, who has the abilities to esoterics, for example, who doesn’t expect anything from you, has the free mind and intentions, who doesn’t think that they know more than you know and thinks that you don’t try that or haven’t been in such situation and they think, on their opinion, that they could advice more. They have good thoughts and good attitude to people.

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