Ask @stolyarenkom:

How you created your squad? Have any tips on how to create your own community?

1 step. Establish the Basics;
2 step. Figure out what people you need;
3 step. Look for shared connections;
4 step. Choose the right leaders;
5 step. Organize events;
6 step. Make decisions together;
7 step. Weed out bad people;
8 step. Allow equal participation;
9 step. Share your emotions; But not too much.
10 step. Be kind to your members.

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do you open up for people first or ??

No, I think I keep distance, I am communicative person, but in subjects of weather, cinema, theaters, etc. peoples problems, at first I listen what they are talking about and then I decide what subject I could open for them from my personal belongings, then we make some mutual interests and that is way it runs; except when I am opening for person who presents real interest to me in that way I become very stupid and do a lot of stupid things and sayings.

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