Ask @sttargirll:

I want new music. Any suggestions? ???

obsessed - maggie lindemann
things - maggie lindemann
pretty girl (cheat codes x cade remix_ - maggie lindemann
just friends - morgan saint
YOU - morgan saint
burning bridges - bea miller
song like you
like that - bea miller
personal - the vamps ft maggie lindemann
kiwi - harry styles
too much to ask - niall horan
sweet creature - harry styles
seeing blind - niall horan ft maren morris
rich - maren morris
seeing stars - borns
super far - LANY
put your head on my shoulder - paul anka

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Ever happened to you ... When you look in the mirror and you are like damn i am beautiful 😍😜😂

Oh my gosh 😂 yes ofc i think everyone has those days

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Do you know people with whom you want to improve contact, but can't?Why can't you?Who are these people?

yes and it’s this guy i met the other day and we got super close and honestly became super good friends but i can’t hang out with him even though im 18 my dang parents are strict and they think he’s bad news even though they don’t even know him they think it’s weird a “grown man” even though he’s like in his late 20s or something like that but like they think it’s weird he would want to hang out with me and to be honest he’s not like they are thinking the worst because of his age but honestly ever since we’ve met we got super close and basically treat each other like brother and sister but since my friend told her mom we wanted to hang out her mom told my mom and said why it’s a bad idea when it’s not like both of them don’t know him and it hurts to see a good person being judged by people he doesn’t even know and whom they don’t know

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