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Yeah i guess. Ppl want to achieve things. The more it is hard to get, the more they want it lol. Poor a sociable girl like me lol.

Oh no don't say till like that leh!! Sociable girls are good!!!
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Ikr. But what do you think other boys think? Lol. Like most of boys like that kind of 'hard to get' girls?

To each his own I guess? Maybe they like the chase or smth idk hahaha.
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So do you think a girl should play 'hard to get' or be a sociable one? I mean which one is more likely to be liked by boys?

Personally for me the play hard to get type is a no go for me. It's more like a turn off kinda thing haahha.
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You like to go to school or take a longer break? Don't say I like to have a break but you know the grass is always greener on the other side haha

Hahaha I prefer going to school tbh! Idk how to describe it but it's quite fulfilling I guess?
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What are you doing? Hope this question doesn't get too personal :D

What do you mean what am I doing? Like now??! If so, I'm trying to sort out my plans for the rest of the winter break before school starts :(
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Oh, I thought you have a part time job?

Oh if you want to count my business selling jerseys and motorbike accessories at carousell, then I'm working from home 😂😂😂
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haha ikr, we still know that we're good, but somehow, we want the other one. I hate that >.<. It's like every coin has 2 sides. It's annoying. This ask is technically not an ask haha.

~sharing this~

Haha I mean I really can't. Not that you are not interesting, man. One day, you will have a girl. And I thought you enjoy being single? haha. Why don't you go out with your boys? It doesn't need to be a girl, lah. Btw, you're welcome.

Hahaha most probably there will be plans with my joes!! And I enjoy being single but the grass is always greener on the other side :)

It's good to have you here on ask.fm haha. I find it interesting when reading your answer :). I think you will have plan soon, right? :P Sadly, I can't :(

Hahaa yay thanks for showing interest in me (or my askfm at least). Sadly no girls interested in me 😭

I'm just curious. It's good though. I'm proud of you :). Do you have any idea who I am? :D

I really don't know haahha. But thanks for being proud of me :)

the video say unavailable

most probably you are trying to watch it through your phone. request for desktop version! then it should be fine :)


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