What are the different ways in which an ERP software can benefit my limestone processing company?

A limestone processing firm is a part of the Stone Industry. Therefore in order to understand how ERP can help, you will be required to delve into the understanding of ERP for Stone Industry. The stone industry deals with excavations, processing, and selling of stones such as marbles, granites, limestone, etc.
The chief problems of the stone industry arise from miscommunication and mismanagement. Therefore, if ERP software was to help this sector, the best way it can achieve this is by eliminating these two problems.
Miscommunication leads to a lot of problems pertaining to inventory visibility and sampling. If you do not know the number of finished products in your warehouse, you might end up overstocking or running out of stocks. Both the conditions can be really bad for business. Inventory invisibility can also lead to inadequate sampling problems for customers. What this means you will not be able to show your customers the variety in your product based on their quantity in the warehouse.
There are a number of ERP software solutions in the market today. The best one for your business would be the one which is totally customizable and offers end to end support. I would suggest you to go for cloud ERP for stone industry as it offers live data feeding and access. This feature of live data feed and access can be implemented to solve the problems of sampling and inventory invisibility. Any movement of goods in and out of the warehouse can be recorded. This will allow the owners to keep a real time database regarding the inventory.
It might be noted the besides solving the managerial problem, cloud based software helps in streamlining the business and improving productivity. Cloud ERP solutions can also be configured to include shipment tracking of orders, thereby allowing for timely delivery orders. It also gives provision for the prompt removal of grievances. The gleaming problem of foreign exchanges loss/gain can also be solved as the software allows for the creation of multiple sections. All in all, the benefits of Cloud ERP to the stone industry cannot be undermined.