Ask @suemare:

okay this is so random and I promise I'm not a stalker, but in all of your pictures your always out in the middle of nowhere. also, what grade are you in? bc you must have a lot of free time to take pictures k ily

I struggle to find "out in the middle of nowhere" places in Florida but I do find them (:
I'm in 9th and it's the opposite I have NO free time I barely take photos anymore it's sad.

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So, aside from being genuinely beautiful all the time, what sort of stuff do you prefer to do in your spare time? Like you had an hour to kill and the means to do whatever you wanted

I would make some tea and walk to the nature trail near my house with my film camera and I would spread out a blanket somewhere in the woods and listen to music and read and paint and take photos and it would be great.

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