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What apps you use to edit your ig pics? ^^

Lel I just saw the question, sorry xD It somehow didn't notificate me.. Anyways, I use Snapseed for light adjustments, PicsArt to dab on cute pixel stickers that I got from google, aillis to draw on my pictures and for some white filters, and Meitu for bokeh effects. Tons of edits and editing programs, but I don't use all of them all the time - mainly only Snapseed <3

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You're like a hardcore weeaboo😷

Believe me, there are more hardcore weeaboos who are waaaaay more into Japan and the Japanese culture than me xD (I'm actually not so much into the J-culture, more J-fashion) But well, I don't think being a weeaboo is the worst, right? :D

Do you do commissions? :3

Unfortunately no atm ;^; I have too many left often, so I don't take new ones... I'm sorry! </3

Sugar Mew I really like your blog I already wrote it to you but I want again :D you are so cute to your readers I really appreciate that you can find a free time to reply... ♥

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Ahh you're such a cutiepie, really!! ;;^;; Thank you so so much ♥♥♥ I'll always find time to reply to all of you cuties.. when you take your time to read and comment on my posts, you also deserve an reply! >3< Simple as is it ♥

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