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Do you believe that Sejeong's mega popularity will be able to carry Gugudan to relevancy?

Like I know. I don't really care about Gugudan and I like Sejeong.

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does minhee remind you of red velvet's wendy? https://youtu.be/vj-vV8sGI98

No. She does remind me of GFriend's Yerin though.

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What's your thoughts on DΞΔN spelling his name with stupid symbols?

Don't really have one.

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https://ask.fm/suho_ftw/answers/142836096392 May your soul forever live among the most generous fap gods. Also, are you more of a lower body type of person?

Thank you kindly!
Yeah I've always been a much bigger fan of thighs than abs since I forever. The face will always mean the most to me though.

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Hwadog really f'ed up, eh? T-ara are charting highly again in Korea. https://twitter.com/Johnnyyy_ss/status/832597735165550592 She might still have a career if she had just STFU.

Congrats to T-ara, they deserve all the positive vibes they can get!
I agree with you on Hwadog she can...

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Was there something in your childhood your parents lied you about and you knew they were lying?

My mom told me she was a virgin when I was younger. I had heard the word on the show "What I Like About You" and asked her what it meant. She told me "A virgin is someone who had never had sex before, like me." I knew she was lying because she clearly has me and my two older brothers and I knew that sex=babies however I didn't want to burst her bubble so I just smiled and nodded.

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https://youtu.be/zyyYS95dXtY?t=105 Doesn't he totally look like a pedo?

Why am I getting so many questions about pedophilia lately? Seriously this is fucking alarming. Anyway this dude is creepy as fuck and needs to be watched by Chris Hansen like a hawk.

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would u buy some shoes from her? https://twitter.com/Crocs/status/832281887175499776

Eh, I owned a pair of Crocs about ten years ago, maybe a little less. I don't remember if I liked them or not, but Yoona looks pretty here so my answer is straight "maybe."

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what's ur opinion of Momo's sister? https://twitter.com/_Banghana/media

Don't have one.

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I'm pro-this. Midnight releases have never really sat well with me given the young audiences that K-pop appeals to, especially girl and boy groups. I think this is a change for the better. I expected fan clubs to get mad because they get mad at any little change that may hinder success for their biases.

What gets me are the people that are fearing for BTS and other groups like them, like you have so little faith in your group that you think the only way for them to gain recognition is by hogging all the music charts? That says a lot more about how the fan feels about them than the group's success as a group overall.

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https://twitter.com/DIA_intl/status/832139719920062465 she looks tired. Do you think that she's developed narcolepsy like T-ara's Eunjung yet?

If I were Chaeyeon I'd probably look tired too. She has the most schedules out of anyone in her group and pretty much everything said about her is either scrutiny or backhanded compliments.

The girl is MY AGE. This is why I'm tripping. She's actually a couple of months younger than me, I couldn't imagine going through half the shit she's going through right now and I'm going through some SHIT.

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If you wanna witch hunt, every wanna witch hunt? https://youtu.be/f_zn1MJYXJ8

Who gives a shit about SNSD VS Jessica beef anymore? Sones and GorJess's or whatever they call themselves need to LET IT GO. She's gone and will never be coming back.

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Happy Valentine's Day! How are you going to spend it?

With my fingers and the "Jimin Fap" photo folder on my computer.
I'll be in my room, making no noise and pretending I don't exist.

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http://www.asianjunkie.com/2017/02/14/breath-mint-enthusiast-hwayoung-of-boys24-gets-officially-booted-from-group/ Was he too nugu to have a bunch of brainwashed fangirls on hand to damage control/white knight for him?

Pretty much.

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Should we punish ignorance?

Not punish, enlighten and teach. Stuff like physical or emotional punishment rarely works when you want someone to actually learn from their ignorance.

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Did you see that BP Rania finally got their American Hwayoung to learn some choreo? https://youtu.be/f7n9AdJ41R4

Not sure who the American Hwayoung is but the choreo is good.

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Who was your first ever bias?

Yuri of SNSD

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What was the first Kpop video that you saw? The first one you saw that you liked and disliked?

The first one I saw and liked was SNSD's "Run Devil Run":

I can't remember the first one I disliked. I think maybe Teen Top's "No More Perfume On You" but that's a MIGHT.

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What was your biggest failure when purchasing things in the Internet?

(Insert how it looks online vs when it arrives meme here)

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The last thing Detroit needs is something as useless as this.

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https://twitter.com/TymeeNetwork/status/830091083153539078 Wow, it looks like she lives in a shoebox. Do you think that she's a checkout girl by day?

Looks like a college dorm. Tymee's well known so I doubt she has an average day job,

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If reincarnation exists, what kind of creature would you like to be in your next life?

I guess a cat

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1Dyqas6Sm8 Would you watch this on your Saturdays?

Not my thing.

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Netizenbuzz.blogspot.co.nz must be pretty mad right about now? https://twitter.com/asianjunkiecom/status/829572708065169408

The article on NB was soooooo predictable I almost laughed at it.

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