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What should your perfect day consist of?

Right now? A day downtown at the Art Institute, pizza at my favorite place, looking at Halloween decorations, fall weather, and 8 hours of sleep.

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John Cena or CM Punk?


View more So pretty much the bulk of arguments against gun sanctions are 3% of us. How strong is that second amendment because this is taking way too long considering the current situation.

I agree. If majority of Americans actually knew what an amendment was then we'd probably already have gotten rid of it or at the very least, alter it to suit modern times.

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Have u gotten ur period? (this is coming from a girl and I'm just asking because I have not gotten it yet and mostly everyone did and I'm scared!!)

I've had my period for about 8 years. But I'm 20 so yeah....
I don't know how old you are but if you're under 15 or 16 there's really no need to worry, heck some girls don't get their periods until their later teens. But if it's really concerning you then I suggest seeing a gynecologist because they'll know if it's something troubling; which it usually isn't.

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Hola!!!??? ¿Como se usa esto?

Buenos Dias. Si, estoy. Hablo muy poco español.

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Are you ok ??

No, but what makes you ask that?

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You probably really love to travel?

I really WANT to travel. But traveling costs money I don't have so I rarely get to do it.

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Would you rather be with the crush of your dreams or have an infinite amount of your favourite food?

I just crave human affection and touch.

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Thoughts on people who constantly post about how they are single on Instagram

Annoying as fuck. Especially if they've only been single for like two or three months; it's like bitch I've been single for 20 years get over yourself.

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Lately I've been feeling a lot more desensitized towards any terror attack since it happens as often as hurricanes nowadays. I can't help but feel like a terrible person for feeling like this honestly. Have you been getting any "Wow, another one?" *scrolls past* moments lately?

Prayer circles on FB after some tragedy happening. They last for like a day and then people move on the very next day as if nothing ever happened. They're fake as hell.

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May I iron nylon stockings?

I don't think that's a smart idea. Then again I hate ironing in general so...*shrugs*

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Do you think your nationality influences the way you are?

It can.

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iPhone or Android?


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You're gorgeous!

Thank you!

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What is more important - to be loved or to fall in love?

Loving yourself.

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What are your plans for this weekend?

Amusement park fun.

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What do you wish the New Year's Eve to bring?

A better world to live in.

View more Did she say "the harmonizers of BTS"?


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How fast do you fall in love?

The closest I've ever come to falling in love with someone is my fanship with Jimin.

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Either Ask.Fm is sensitive as hell or Ann Coulter has people deleting negative shit about her. Either way that question mysteriously disappeared after I answered it.

View more I didn't know such people still existed... don't we have scientific evidence for this shit?

Science does not work on people like Ann Coulter. It never has and ot never will. Some people enjoy being willfully stupid.

View more I feel like the ones who helped pass the bill are missing the point here. It was to punish people for spreading the disease, not having it. Where do you stand

I think tweeking the bill would have been better than doing away with it all together. Knowingly spreading HIV should be harshly punishable by law in my view. I see how it could have been abused (i.e. accusing everyone with HIV as felons is terrible) but knowingly spreading it is horrifying. HIV is not like the common cold nor should it be treated as such. It's a serious disease.

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What would be a perfect honeymoon destination?


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What can't be bought for money and why?

Hmmmm I'd say respect. You can make people fear you but fear does not always equate to respect.

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