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What food did you refuse to eat as a kid and still don't as an adult?

Liver, pork, most body parts of animals

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What's your position on the issue of chijeukimbap?

I don't even know what that is.

View more Shouldn't someone go tell her to put on some socks? She might get blisters!

She is wearing socks, they're just lower than her ankles.

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What can make you angry?

My cat being an asshole.

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Given the fact that majority of the people on the Billboard red/magenta carpet that day pretty much looked like they just threw on some bullshit and walked out the door I'd say no.

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I've heard that most of the Twice haters (aka the ones disliking every Twice vid) are composed mostly of Army's. Do you think it's true?

I'd say no just because most BTS fans I know also love Twice. Twice has haters from pretty much every fandom (I'd say I've seen more SONEs than anyone hating on Twice) however I wouldn't be surprised because BTS at the moment has A LOT of fans and having a lot of fans means you take up a lot of K-pop demographic so they'd take up a lot of the dislikes because there's so much of them; but this is just my speculation so don't take it as an absolute truth.

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Is it sexist to believe men and women have separate and specific roles in society?

Can I have a bit of N U A N C E with this question?
Okay, like most things in life, it depends. Because if you're trying to say that women should be the ones having babies then no it's not because men can't physically have babies. Women can. But if you're trying to say that men should always be the bread winner, that men should always be the aggressor, that men should always be the protector then that comes off pretty sexist because that should be up to the individual person, not because of the roles society has set for them. People often point to biased studies to back up their arguments on both side, when both side has studies that showcase the exact opposite of what they're arguing. It's not something that can be boiled down into an exact science because while yes, human beings are animals, we're also incredibly complex creatures that are more than just two-dimensional fragments of someones views and values.

So in the end, everyone is an individual. Some people will adhere to a stereotype and others wont. It's not the end of the world because someone does or doesn't. Trying to box people into stuff based off of superficial stuff like gender or race isn't going to work unless we all of a sudden decide to go into a totalitarian society where every move is controlled.

View more This seems way to fucked up to be actually true.

You'd be surprised how often fucked up shit like this in the U.S. actually happens.

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If Kanye ever becomes US President how would you feel?

Shitty. I don't want anymore non-politicians/people with no political background or knowledge taking on a big time political job.

View more Do you know people in real life who actually enjoy Tyler Perry movies?


Yes. Me, my family a slew of many other people from different races even. Tyler Perry actually has some really good movies that aren't just the same Madea jokes rehashed and uncomfortable black stereotypes. I'd recommend "Daddy's Little Girls", "Madea's Big Happy Family", and "Madea's Family Reunion."

However I don't think that Halloween movie is worth a reboot. I saw it in theaters and that should have went straight to DVD. There were some laughs but not enough for the silver screen imo.

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Regular news articles are now just like Netizenbuzz posts. Is this a sign of the decline of modern civilisation?

Wouldn't load but minor shit like this is never a decline in modern civilization and the spoon-fed yuppies who bitch and moan with this rhetoric lack any sense of reality.

News sites and really the news in general has never really been a major beacon of hope in general.

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Seeing BTS on billboard wards, I'm surprised by how much tanner they are than what I'm used to seeing. Even Yoongi had a lot of melanin. Maybe it;s the lighting and makeup? I'm not sure.

Korean media and fansites is notorious for making idols look lighter than they are. I wasn't that surprised that they looked tanner/not washed out in the photos taken by western photographers.

View more Is it sexist for them to do this? Who's in the wrong here?

Okay, I couldn't read the article because ADS EVERY FUCKING WHERE. It was blocking a good portion of the text.

But reading just from the title, it honestly it depends on the occasion; if it's some kind of women's center or group then no, it isn't. Black women and other races of men aren't really allowed in the Black Male Student Union (or any other black sorority/fraternity however they will get an occasional Asian or Hispanic member), I forget the exact name) at my school and any sort of private "members/group" only things they host are ya know for the members of that group. It's not really discrimination against sex in the regard of "BE GONE WOMAN!" or lame "No Gurlz Allowed" shit, and the people complaining are just idiots.

But if it's just a regular public showcasing and they're legit discriminating against men which is awful pretty sexist and it shouldn't really be allowed in my stand point.

I hope none of the people complaining are libertarians since they're notoriously anti-anti discrimination laws lol.

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The school holiday is coming closer and closer. What is your one great plan for summer holidays?

Get a job and save, maybe visit family in the south.

View more Is ZN the cross-eyed queen of k-pop in your eyes? (2nd girl in the photoset)

Seungyeon will forever be the crossed-eyed queen of k-pop in my eyes.

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Scenario: You're a member of a popular girl group, also hetero. Your personal concept has consistently been "tomboy" since debut. Recently a blind item has caught heat bout a tomboy girl member being passed around by A list actresses as a toy. Netizens all think it's you. Are u happy bout this?

Do you think that they're a group with A class visuals?


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Is it delusional for me to want to fuq an idol?

No. Tons of people want to fuck idols. Idols are very aware of this too. Some even get the chance to. It's delusional to think that an idol would actually be in a life fulfilling relationship because they more than likely have 0 idea you exists and if they do know somewhat of your existence 9 times out of 10 they just view you as a fan and interact with you as such.

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Is IATFB hot in real life?

Never seen him.

View more Even though I don't think violence is ever the answer and he was definitely in the wrong here as well, I don't necessarily feel bad for her honestly.

It's the same as when Richard Spencer got punched. I don't think violence is ever the answer but I'm not going to pretend I didn't get some relief from watching that.

Being an asshole has consequences and not everyone carries the same morals for dealing with them. Again, I don't agree with what he did but it's not like it wasn't warranted. Calling people shitty names tends to provoke them.

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Since many of the people that died or got injured at the Ariana Grande concert were kids without a parent, have you ever been left a concert without an adult?

Never been to a concert.

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I like the rain for aesthetic purposes but I don't think it's particularly safe for people to perform under it. At least without proper footwear.

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