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I got the situation. And the person who loved me, now is in a relationship and now I came to find myself in love with him. I talked to him. He wants to b frnds,we were frnds and once he said he loved me.but he didn't share about his relation to me. I found in pain. wht Shud I do

He's a gr8 flirt trust's like he wants to hit 2 birds with 1 pebble,he wants to continue his relationship and he wants u as a time pass at a time,he's pretending to be single that's bcz he don't wanna loose the chance to flirt with u without loosing his gf since he came to knew ur feelings towards him now.I just hate this type of boys as well as every single girl my advice to u would be not bothering him anymore cz u don wanna be cheap be a diamond💎cz u r valuable to ur family think abt them and u obv don wanna hurt ur loved ones❤.So don't be a time pass my love be a priority and don't be wanted be needed😊. And don't be in pain be glad that ALLAH showed u his true colour say ALHAMDULILLAH😇-all the best👍☺

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Onk chalak ekta sele Se. Now ami tar upre crushed. Kisu months age Se amar upre crushed silo. Tar age Se aro oneker upre crushed silo. Ekhon Abar tar serious relation o ase. And agee bohut Gf o silo or.sobai bole o real f. Boy and I Shud leave his thoughts but ami now partesina. Ki korbo Ami?

Shobr aage bolbo beshi beshi doya koren jeno ALLAH apnk ei stupid situation theke ber howar toufik daan kore,ei kothagulai mone koren bar bar j onar nature kmn emni e hatred chole ashbe,fmly and frnds der shathe beshi time spend koren and know that apni tader kache koto precious r apnr precious love ora deserve kore,rocking gaan shonen,fruitful thaken,r onake mone porbe erkm kono kichur dharer kacheo jaben na i mean don't bother those stuffs related to him,r shob cheye boro bepar hochhe ALLAH apnk jaar jonno toiri korse taar upori dedicated thaken she jei hok respect Almighty ALLAH's decision r kono kichu ashtei diben na mathay...btw maximum chelerai to erkm😂😂

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Biyer tym a meye and meyer family khuje 28-30 yr er 6 feet ,nijer bari,gari,(impossible in this age)well establish,govmnt job holder,mnc or bidesh a bash kora patro,r patro khuje forsha,sundor,virgin,momin pordanshil katrina kaif?isn't it hypocrisy from both side?

Apni kmn khojen thle ??

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