Ask @sumbutter:

Who is your fav tolter, and why?

Hmm..I'd have to say either Dakotaa Grace or Ingrid because Kotaa was my very first tolter and she was made by the ever so wonderful gators <3 I don't have many from gators so she means the world to me, and Ingrid was gifted to me during a very dark and rather painful time where I had been struggling with my cancer c: she's my little angel. //but I also love my little Boogeyman because Halloween is my favorite//. It's incredibly hard to decide between all my babes though, I love each of them to pieces.

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I would really like to get a slot from one of your tolters but it says some of the slots are closed, is there a way that may ever change? Thank you for your time c:

oh my goodness yes I forgot to fix everything on my stable thread! I will be fixing that hopefully pretty soon, most were just closed either because of the chimeric/brindle hype or because I was looking for mates for them. anyway I'll fix that in a bit ^-^ just pm me with the ones you'd like slots from and I'll see what I can do (this also applies to everyone else that'd like a slot from a tolter that has closed slots) <3

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I'm so, so, so glad you're getting, and hopefully feeling, better! I'm not sure if you're religious at all, but I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers! <3

thank you so much! it means a lot to hear that from you guys! I am getting better and halfway feeling better although they said the recovery process (depending on if my condition remains stable) will be fairly long. prayers are so lovely to hear! I actually am christian so it means a lot as well <3

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