Ask @sundayswithemily:

Can you make a post listing different ideas to bring to potlucks? Maybe a list of at least 5-10 dishes that are easy and good

Ooh sure!! Thank you for the suggestion and idea!
But two that are definitely good for potlucks:
Hummus Platter
Watermelon Skewers

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Omg I LOVE spam musubi too. Esp with ketchup!! Have you tried it frm L&L? So good with macaroni salad too! 😍

WAIT - like dip it in ketchup?? Or smother the spam in ketchup before assembling??
I’ve had it the musubi couple times from L&L when I was younger! As a treat when they had coupons my dad bought it!! I love L&Ls! Haven’t bought the musubi in years Bc those things are like $5 each??? But I do get the plates from time to time!

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