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Have u met other Emily Nguyens? Or have you ever met someone with a similar personality to u

Hahaha…you tell me!

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Fav recent clothe piece lately?

I recently got a navy one piece jumper from Lulus that is so comfortable, I wear it every chance I get. It’s great for running errands, at home lounging, or even to work!

Luv seeing what uve been up to!

Thank you 🥰🥰 sometimes I think not to post mundane stories bc who cares so thank you for commenting!!

Besides obv money, what would make ur quality of life better?

More free time!! / less work and more balance!

Did you officially close ur blog? If not, you shoild do a life update lost sice its been so long!

No!!! A lots been going on hence I’ve just had no free time to blog >.<
But yes, a life update is a great idea ☺️

It woule be really cool if u were a teacher like MP. I think you would be a good one!

I was a teacher! I taught the introductory accounting course at the university for two semesters when I was a grad student.
I loved it! One of my fav jobs. Would love to do it again. Would do it full time if it paid more LOL but I don’t have a doctorates lol.

What time do u normally sleep and wake? Are weekends diff from weekdays?

Currently I’ve been working pretty late so now I wake up on weekdays at like 7 >.<
I try to wake up the same time on weekends to make it not so hard on the weekdays!

Any memorial day purchases?

Not for me this year but it is a good time of the year to buy!! Usually lots of sales!!

Hi Em! Between you n ur sibs, who is the smartest?!

TBH we are all uber smart but probably my brother.

Curious what songs are ur most played on spotify!

Recently, BAM BAM by camila cabello!! 😂
I also play a lot of BIGBANG, T Swift (evermore and folklore album), Shawn Mendes, and Justin Bieber.

Fav hot sauce em?

I don’t rly like hot sauce so I haven’t tried many, but I do enjoy sriracha on stir fried noodles!

U hit the jackpot w MP! Who do u think will play a bigger with ur kids, mp parents or urs

MP’s parents really want grandkids soon!!! 😂 I was shocked!! Michael said that and I was like “I doubt that” and then when we brought it up, they want kids like yesterday!! Michaels brothers are all single, so the pressure is really on us LOL. Michael is also the oldest of his siblings.
So I think Michaels parents will play a bigger role, along with my dad. I could see my dad being the one who picks them up from school and stuff!

What r the best sandal brands em?

Rainbows! I’ve had mine for 5 years and I wear them almost every day! And they’ve been through the ringer and waters of other countries! Very worth it for the $50~


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