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Sorey i cant ever helo you when all i ever want to do is be their for you i said id never give up on you but ur actions and lying and sneaking has proven that i must give up on us?

U could be wrong about all that

Do you ever feel close to anyone on here, even though you don't know them in a real life?

No, but sometimes I think that I'm talking to someone who knows me by the questions they ask. It's kinda creepy.

Favorite desserts?? 😌

Graham crackers with sliced bananas and salted caramel and milk in a bowl

How to find love when we live in hookup culture?

I found it once and meth ruined it and I know it's going to be hard from now on.

Do you have things you’re putting off, but you don’t wanna do them? And people ask you to do fun stuff with them and you can’t bc you feel guilty, so you’re just stuck doing things like rearranging your room for the 5th time?

Yes, definitely

Thoughts on stalkers who stalk their ex bf and his new wife for over 10 years now?!

My ex bf has stalked me in the past. I don't think ppl should do it. I'm sure it's scary for most ppl.


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