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What's on your to-do list this weekend?

Oh gosh, so much. I have U.S. History stuff, go on witty, a college visit for my brother, clean my room, go on witty, go to track practice, go on witty, run. Yeah.


SWEET I THINK IK U 2 but it'd probably help if you told me who you were since I have no clue...

Heeey -ur stalker creeper

Hey? I guess I should be elated that someone actually considers me worthy of stalking...

City or countryside? What do you prefer?

Countryside. I could never live so close to other people. An apartment building would be the worst.

When did you first fall in love?

I haven't fallen in love yet (I'm a bit young for that), but my first crush was in sixth grade.

How often do you change your desktop background?

Every few months. Usually my brother ends up changing it.

Is it more important to love or be loved?

To love. If you are only loved and do not love in return, the love will cease to continue coming. If you love, however, this in turn will spark love in your direction.

What slang word or phrase do you love to use?

I say "like" way too often, but I don't love to use that. Probably "So.... yeah." to finish my stories and presentations at school.

Would you rather live in the mountains, or by the sea?

In the mountains. I wasn't born to be by water (I can't swim).

Are you good at drawing?

Absolutely not. I'm horrible. I'm surprised I actually passed art 1 this year.

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