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Ivan Stewart Saldajeno
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Which worries you more – doing things right or doing the right things?

Doing the right things

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You're asking about lovelife? Do you even have one? Hahahaha

I will patiently wait for her hahaha

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Are you pro or anti-divorce? Why or why not?

anti-divorce, because God values marriages

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Anong mas masarap ilagay sa Tinola? Papaya o sayote?

Depende sayo

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Do you have a lucky talisman you keep with you? PAP!

Why need a talisman when you have God?

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Do you believe in the "3 month rule?" Basically you don't date anyone for 3 months after a break up. Why or why do you not believe in it?

That rule exists?

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Can cheating be justified?


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What is the next movie you really want to watch?

Captain America 3! Seriously, I haven't watched it yet

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What are your thoughts about online dating?

nah! still better off dating offline.

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Would you ever want to clone yourself?

NBA Finals. Cavs vs Dubs. Who wins and how?

Tough to call, but sure is a fun series.

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If you can relive a moment in your life, what would it be and why?

too many to mention

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How was your love life in Highschool? ;)

Gellie Abogado-Ilaga

Never thought about love during HS

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Where you do not mind waiting?

late write-ups

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Are you addicted to shopping?


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What two animals should breed and make a new animal?

How about a bulldog and a shih tzu? hahaha

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What is your favorite make of car?

sports car

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Have you ever played golf?


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What do you splurge on?


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What's your favorite day of the week?

those days ending in Y

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dare: post a topless / shirtless photo

Will this suffice?

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Do you curse out loud or in your head more?

More in my head now

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Which of the "six straight 3pointers" game is the wildest and craziest? Kiefer or Ferrer?

Close call, but I'm gonna go with K-Fer. Those were relatively clutch and came in a do-or-die championship game

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What is your favorite thing about summer?


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I will ask you a question, hehe what is the answer?

AlDub! hahahahaha

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