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» 004.
Though Kiara would never admit it, she was glad that the Kook agreed with her words. It showed that the redhead knew when things should be left alone — this time being one of those times. Yet, it seemed the boys — from the Kooks and the Pogues — were not in the same mindset as the girls. Just like Lydia, Kiara ended up raising her voice to her own set of boys. “JJ! Pope! John B! STOP FIGHTING!” Kiara yelled. Yet it is evident that none of them listened to the pair of girls.
Upon feeling the hand on her arm, her eyes moved downwards before following it upwards to lock her eyes on Lydia as she pulled her away. The moment the girls came to a stop, she gently pulled her arm away. “Are we, though?” She asked as she crossed her arms over her chest. “After all, we can be just as malicious as boys can be if we get pushed far enough.” She stated matter-of-factly. Clearing her throat, she turned her attention away from Lydia and focused on the boys instead. When the proper fight started, she shook her head.
“Now, we’re smarter than them.” She retorted to Lydia. After a little while of watching the boys, she turned her body to face Lydia. Yet, the redhead wasn’t standing next to her anymore. Gazing around the area, she saw the girl wide-eyed and walking away. Kiara’s brows furrowed in slight confusion; following the girl, she started walking beside her. “Lydia?” She asked, taking in her almost ‘frenzied’ state.
“Lydia, hey, are you okay?” The Pogue called out. Her brows remained furrowed; unexpectedly, Kiara was entering a state of worry.

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❀ kiara⠀&&⠀lydia : https://ask.fm/toxicladies/answers/167254640101

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» 003.
Lydia's words brought her attention back to the girl as she allowed a scoff to leave her lips. She was right, Kiara was indeed alone. ❛ Well done, you stated a fact, Lydia. ❜ The girl spoke, taking another sip from her cup. ❛ You are the bigger person, or... people, after all. You decided to annoy a girl when she's on her own. How kind. ❜ Kiara followed up with, placing her cup down for a second. Hearing the sound of clapping, her eyes moved from the girl to the two boys. Rafe and Topper. Narrowing her eyes, she shook her head. God, they acted like children sometimes. This was one of those times, it seemed.
Grabbing her drink again, she nodded her head once. Firmly. ❛ Good, because I'm done talking to you, Martin. Have a nice night. ❜ Finally walking away, she felt the rough grab of the older Cameron boy. She didn't want to cause a sign, so, she simply attempted to pull her arm out of his tight grip. ❛ Rafe. Let go of me. ❜ She declared. When he didn't, it took the help of Topper and Lydia to peel him off. Oh, and the rest of the Pogues to come over. Only then did he finally release his grip on her.
Rubbing her arm, she glanced at the three boys beside her. ❛ It's fine. I'm fine. Let's just walk away. ❜ The last thing that Kiara wanted was a fight. Could there not be one party where the Pogues and Kooks didn't fight? Just one. Was that even possible?

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kiaralydia  httpsaskfmtoxicladiesanswers167254640101

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» 003.
Kiara nodded her head as a response, they would be fine. They had each other and if they needed to survive, they were very capable of doing so. They can survive. ❛ As long as we stick with one another, we will survive. I know we can. I believe in that. I believe in us. ❜ She followed up Sarah's statement with those words. It was only inevitable that the rest of the group agreed with the statement that Sarah made. Her statement was correct, after all.
As the two girls were walking, Kiara softly nodded her head. ❛ I understand that completely. There are ups and downs to it, that's for sure. You'll get through it, just have to give it time. ❜ She was grateful that Sarah had told her how she was feeling. It showed that their bond was as thick as Kiara thought it to be. ❛ What they did to us... To you... It's unforgivable, Sarah. Believe me, I would one day love to think that things could be smoothed over. But I don't think it can, not now. Not after everything that's happened. ❜ She admitted to her best friend. Running her hand through her hair, she listened to what Sarah had said next. At her words, an uneasy feeling washed over Kiara as she considered what to say.
❛ You think? ❜ The girl began. ❛ You think they might follow us here? I mean... It's possible they could find us. But, I don't see why they would need to. We're out of the way of them. At least, for now. ❜ Yet, she followed Sarah's laughter, allowing her own to leave her lips. ❛ I think we'll be fine, Sarah. I don't think anyone will follow after us. ❜ Oh. How wrong she was. ❛ Oh, uh... My parents and I, we had a falling out. Started talking about sending me to a boarding school. ❜ She admitted to Sarah.

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» 002 : Continued.
Turning her attention back to Sarah, the girl nodded her head. “Fruits? Yeah. Sure.” She stated, a soft smile slowly appearing on her lips. “I’m hungry also. Let’s go and locate some fruits.” She added, pulling herself up and her smile widened. Linking her arm with Sarah’s. “Bye boys. Bye Cleo.” She called as she gently dragged the Cameron girl – her best friend – away from the others. “How are you holding up?” She asked the dreaded question.

❀ kiara⠀&&⠀sarah : https://ask.fm/kookprxncess/answers/168346482694

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» 002.
Even after everything that the two girls had been through, it wasn’t a surprise that the girl had remained friends. Even after the enemy status they shared briefly, they became friends again, working through their differences. Thanks to the boys and their scheming ways, their friendship was renewed. Kiara insulting Sarah to the boys… even that couldn’t prevent the two girls becoming friends once more. After all this time, Kiara finally accepted that Sarah was no longer a Kook, she was a full-fledged Pogue. Enemies, no more.
The brunette Pogue was excited for what was to come with their new ❛home❜. The Island held a load of different possibilities. It was only to be expected that it would be positive changes for all six of them. The peace that they know had, away from any danger that they once faced on Kildare Island, the place five out of six of them faced. Granted, Cleo had also come across her own challenges, of course. Especially since she had first met John B and Sarah.
A small chuckle slipped through Kiara’s lips, fully opening her eyes as she sat herself up. Wiping the sleep from her eyes, she glanced around her friends. HER FAMILY. ❛It sounds beyond unbelievable. The fact that we can just chill and do whatever we want… on this wonderful island. We have no worries of people coming after us. Looking for us. Wanting to hurt us.❜ She cut herself off. ❛I have all the family I need… right here. The six of us, that’s truly all I need.❜ Kiara ran her hand through her hair, pulling the strands back in to place. Sure, Kiara did miss her parents, but… They had caused her a lot of grief recently, something she mostly kept to herself.

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» 001.
Kiara Carrera and Sarah Cameron. The Kook turned Pogue and the Kook. Ex best friends turned enemies turned best friends. These two girls had been through a lot together through the years. Before Kiara met John B, JJ and Pope, Sarah was the only person that Kiara ever really called a friend. So, when John B brought her into the group whilst they were searching for the Gold, Kiara made it clear that she didn't want Sarah there.
That night, she had delivered an ultimatum. Her or Sarah. But eventually, with help from the boys and a stranded, broken down, boat, their friendship started up again. Eventually, the two girls became best friends again. It took time, but, the group was better off for it. Sarah and Kiara, together again, the ultimate duo.
Fast forwarding to the present, they were all sat around a fire on an unknown Island. Six of them. The Pogues. John B, JJ, Pope, Kiara, Sarah and the newest addition, Cleo. They were finally happy, away from the drama that Kildare Island brought for them all. No Kooks, which meant drama free.
They no longer had to deal with Rafe, Kelce, Barry or Ward. No more Topper, though he was held in higher regard in Kiara's eyes, he took care of Sarah after Rafe's actions. She wouldn't say she considered him a friend, but certainly not an enemy like the others. They could finally be at peace, the six of them having the Island to themselves. Yet, that was wishful thinking. Because on their way to the Island... was none other than Rafe Cameron and his crew.
The group were in for a rude awakening. She was laying down with her eyes closed. They all assumed she was asleep. Yet, that wasn't the case. ❛God, it feels nice to just be sat here. Not having to worry that Rafe or his group are going to come across any of us. Just pure silence... bliss. The six of us.❜ She murmured.

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» 002.
Truthfully, when Kiara first saw Lydia, the young Pogue thought she looked friendly. How wrong she was. Lydia quickly flew up the ranks and became friends with the likes of Rafe and Topper. After that, Kiara's opinion on Lydia changed drastically, anyone could see they didn't get along with just one glance. She tried to avoid Lydia the best she could. Parties though... made it hard.
Moving her eyes from Rafe to Lydia, she raised her brow. ❛Who said I was alone?❜ The girl asked, gesturing to the boys a few feet away, with her right hand. She was determined to get through one party without having to deal with this group that often. That was the plan, at least. Whether it would actually happen, that's a whole other story. Filling her cup up to the brim, she focused her attention back to the group.
❛Because you aren't decent people. Kooks and Pogues, don't get on. So, you can already see why you are bothering me, Martin.❜ She retorted without any hesitation. ❛Now, are we done here? Because I want to get back to my actual friends.❜ She informed them.

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— 001.
Kiara Carrera, a Pogue surrounded by Kooks. Most of the Pogues live on the The Cut on the south side of Kildare Island. But Kiara? Kiara is in the Lion's den, otherwise known as Figure 8, the north side of Kildare Island. Kiara felt she never fit in with the Kooks, she felt like an outsider. Aside from Sarah, she never really had that many friends.
That was until the Pogues came into her life. Kiara had felt like she had found her people when she met them. John Booker Routledge, JJ Maybank and Pope Heyward. The group got on unbelievably well, yet it alienated her from the Kooks even more. Because now, she was seen as a traitor, if anything. Kiara only allowed a tiny bit of her to care about that though.
As usual, there was a party being thrown and of course Kiara and the others would be there. It was the only time that Kiara had the chance to relax, even though the Kooks were there, they usually stayed in their respective groups. Of course, there had been times where fights had broken out. But, Kiara was sure that it wouldn't happen today. Today would be chill. Or, so the female thought.
Upon arriving, Kiara set off on her own to find a drink whilst the other three greeted some people. Kiara would do that after she got the much needed drink down her throat. Picking up one of the plastic red cups, she filled it up. Yet, a voice got her attention. ❛Well well well... who have we got here?❜ The male voice was recognisable, of course. The one and only, Rafe Cameron.
Turning to face him, she took note that Topper Thornton and Lydia Martin were either side of him. ❛Rafe.❜ She greeted, a fake smile on her lips. ❛Topper. Lydia.❜ Kiara then followed up with. ❛Anything I can help you three with or are you just here to bother me?❜ She asked, taking a sip of her drink. ❛Because if you're here to bother me, don't. I've only just got here and I don't need any drama right now.❜

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