Ask @survivingtothrive:

Would you ever be willing to share your anorexia story? If not I understand how incredibly personal that is. By the way I think you are stunning and even though recovery is hell you're saving your life and giving yourself a beautiful future free of the lies and entrapment of anorexia <3

I think I would yea, it would just take a really long time as it's been so long and so much has happened. It might take me awhile but I can probably share it on my blog which is
Thank you so much you are so sweet, recovery is definitely hard but i'm hoping it will be worth it in the end!

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aren't you afraid of showing your name publically on here?

Not really, I mean most people i'm friends with and my family know about what I go through and stuff and quite a few read my blog so i'm not worried about them finding it and there is probably a million other people with my same name so hopefully that would keep any creepers from trying to find me (you know those ones that your parents tell you about when you're a kid XD )

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