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Where can i buy organic bananas that are used to help with sleep? And is it lakatan or saba? Thanks

Sorry, I didn't even know that bananas are used to help with sleep! You can try the bananas from Holy Carabao farm though (seasonal availability) :)

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Hi. Would you know where I might find an all organic Liquid chlorophyll in Metro Manila - Pasig, if I can be specific? Thank you.

Do you know where can I buy a Butter oil supplement here in the Philippines? Thanks!

Inquire with, they might be able to supply the Green Pastures brand butter oil to you.

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Hi Feane! Can you tell me where I can buy erythritol powder and stevia extract? Am planning on baking some low carb desserts! Thanks!

Hi! I'm not familiar with erythritol powder. I've seen stevia powder at healthy stores (EchoStore, Healthy Options, some groceries), not stevia extract (which I suppose it liquid?)
Good luck with your low carb desserts! :)

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Hi! Im Lauren, new mom to a healthy 15 mo. old baby girl. Im wondering if you could recommend a good general doctor for my family who's practicing natural/homeopathic medicine around Makati area. My baby's pedia is into natural medicine too in St Lukes BGC, sana lang pwede din siya sa adults. Thanks

Hi Lauren, congratulations on your healthy baby girl! Sorry I don't have anyone to recommend as I don't have personal experience with that. Maybe try asking your current pedia? :)

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Hi! Down to earth ran out of stock for grass fed butter. Please help me where to buy it here in the Philippines.Thanks!

G Stuff has the next best thing-- grass-fed ghee. Yummy!!! It's expensive though because it's imported.

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Hi Ms. Feane! I have a group who wants to do some sustainable projects for less privileged communities in the rural areas near the metro, do you know any projects that we might be of help?

Sorry for the super late reply to this! Just got back from traveling. What a lovely question. Try posting at :)

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Where can I buy raw fermented sauerkraut?

Contact Tess Young of Weston Price Manila Chapter -

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where to buy organic arrowroot in manila

I've seen this at Healthy Options :)

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Hello! We are looking for a shop in manila with vegan supplements and health foods like irish moss, lecithin, coco aminos, psyllium husk. Things like this. What is the best place for this?

Check Echo Store for local products or Healthy Options for imported products :)

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Hi do you know any watercolor classes around Manila/QC?

Hi i'm looking for pure, natural and organic tallow? Do you have it? Thanks

Where can I buy grass-fed butter? is it available in a grocery stores, or what is the brand that you recommend?

Where to buy real beeswax in Quezon City

I recommend ordering online from Milea, a local bee farm :)

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Hi Do you know where I can buy Adlai/adlay/job's tears here in Makati? Thank you so much

No, I haven't tried that yet! If anyone finds any let me know as I am curious too. :)

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Hi! Where can I buy hummus in a jar (something I can use throughout the week, or for as long as it keeps) and relatively cheap quinoa? Hopefully there are sellers in the south, if not is there anyone who delivers? Thanks in advance :)

Oh I'd love to know where to buy hummus-in-a-jar too! Maybe Rustan's supermarket. As for quinoa--

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Hello, my name is Rhiannon and my family and I are very health conscious. I am very much into nutrition and would like to find somewhere where I can buy health food products and fresh organic produce for a reasonable price. I have been shopping at Healthy Option but will stop as it is way overpriced

Hello Rhiannon, Healthy Options is overpriced because it sells mostly imported products. Look for local healthy products. I have a directory of local suppliers at :) Try starting with the weekend markets, Holy Carabao, Down To Earth, and Echo Store.

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hi there are you familiar with adlai rice?

No, looking it up now. I'd like to try it!

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What are the brand names of grass fed butter available in the supermarkets? Where to buy?

Hi and love your site. Can you tell me where I can buy fresh Aloe Vera in Manila (preferably near Makati City) Thank you

Hi thank you :) Do you mean fresh cut leaves from an Aloe Vera plant? You'd have to just get that directly from a live plant. Try asking your friends who have gardens (it's a common plant) or check the outdoor plant market at Market Market at BGC. For Aloe Vera gel try Healthy Options at Glorietta or Greenbelt.

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Where can I buy rice flour in akabang

Should be available at the supermarket, try ATC's Makati Supermarket or Metro, or South Supermarket

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What's the best time of year to be in Manila?

Around now! After New Year until before Holy Week. It's still a bit cool but not rainy, sunny but not too hot, and it's not a holiday season.

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Does your diet include all organic? And by organic means no meat that is processed commercially? How did you started? Kudos for being so discipline. Too many questions. Thanks in advance for answering all this inquiries

It's hard to eat healthy all the time! I'm definitely not as disciplined as my Instagram account makes it seem, hahaha :P I still eat junk food sometimes, especially when I'm stressed out or when I'm not at home. I do buy about 80-90% of my groceries at Holy Carabao, Down To Earth, or other local healthy farms, and yes that includes grass-fed meat. As to how it all started, here's an old blog entry--
“If we understood that food was memory, we would stop our miserable eating habits.”
“Instead of eating the natural foods Earth has created over eons of subtle experimentation, we stuff ourselves with fake junk put out by multinationals with less knowledge of the Earth than could be stuffed into an empty peanut shell, resulting in cancer, heart disease, and all the needless suffering associated with folly. We need to realize that, from a biological point of view, eating is remembering. Why?
Because food is rich in the information our bodies need. Through hundreds of millions of years, life forms learned to feed on each other. This means more than supplying fuel. It means supplying the informed sequences of molecules and amino acids required for our epigenetic unfolding. Our bodies wait for, expect a particular spectrum of foods. Not just anything will do. Particular molecular compounds are required, those that were fashioned by the millions of years of creative experimentation.”
“Many of our physiological patterns of activity depend on certain complex chemicals provided by natural foods. The physiological processes are the way the body remembers its ancestral heritage, and this heritage insists on particular natural foods for its remembering. When you eat grains, legumes, and good, fresh meat and vegetables, you enable your body to remember its powers… The foods enable patterns of activity to start up.”
- Excerpts from The Universe Is A Green Dragon by Brian Swimme

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